Sex Slave Shaela? Cathy O’Brien Disinfo Agent? Critical Thinkers Need to Know.

Mark was a HANDLER of Mind Controlled Slaves.  Since some slaves were whistleblowing and information was getting out the CIA decided to do Damage Control.

#1.  The CIA did NOT want the public to know about their mind controlled Assassins murdering foreign leaders.  So what they did was give Mark (Handler) and Cathy (sex slave) a narrative to promote:

The Narrative That Cathy promoted was that she was a MKULTRA ( She WAS NOT B/C she was Not an Assassin.  An MKULTRA is a Manufactured Killer Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination-a Military Acronym)

Cathy was used to discredit other Whistleblowers and also used to muddy the waters around the real MKULTRAs: School Shooters (Project Orion) and MKULTRAs like Randy Turner who was used to assassinate Mafia bosses and Foreign Leaders.  Randy Turner’s Profile Below:


CIA MKULTRA slave 1976-2014. Microsoft investor 1978. Netflix 1996. Vivendi 1998. Facebook 2003.

Profile · Digital creator

Former Mkultra mind control victim/slave. at Defense Intelligence Agency

Former Special Investigator at U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Command

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