Belgium Sorry for Electing Saudis to Women’s Rights Panel…Really?

Video: Belgium ‘Sorry’ for Electing Saudis to UN Women’s Rights Panel


A new video by UN Watch, screened for the first time at its recent 2017 Gala Dinner in Geneva, tells the story of how Belgium was forced to apologize for electing Saudi Arabia to the U.N. women’s rights commission, along with other recent accomplishments by the organization in the fight to defend human rights. Click here to watch video.

Here is Satanic Rothschild Art:

Image result for  corpse painting on belgium building

It is a boy being raped at Knife Point…Make No Mistake These Are Serious Demonic Satanists….they control the United Nations!

More Sick Rothschild Art:  Dismembered Baby

Image result for rotschild party pics

Satanic Mask at Rothschild Party attended only by Elite

Image result for rotschild party picsSymbol of Mind Control?  Sure Appears to Be!

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