The United States Congress is totally owned by Jews and Israel. Proving this fact yet again is the US Senate which just voted 97-0 to support Israel and their terrorist bombing campaigns of Gaza.


The Jews have owned Congress for a long time. Here is Israeli terrorist leader Bibi bragging about this in a clip from the 1980s.


Check out this bitch. She’s allegedly a Christian Senator from Alabama and she is going to fly over to Israel with Lindsey Graham to support the Christ-killing terrorists.


You’re supposed to be representing Alabama, not Israel you dumb whore.

Hopefully Israel is totally destroyed by the Moslems. Maybe after Israel is wiped off the face of the earth these traitor politicians will have no choice but to finally start doing something for the American people. Or actually maybe not. They don’t seem to want to do anything for Americans. They haven’t done a damn thing for me my entire life. In fact, they have actively tried to make things as difficult as possible for me for to succeed with this completely fucked up system we have.