The Pyramid of Power

The Next Chapter In The Pyramid of Power Series Is ALMOST Here!

Friends,Derrick Broze here with a quick announcement: Chapter 13 of The Pyramid of Power series will be here very, very soon!For those who might have joined recently, The Pyramid of Power is a 17-part documentary series focused on exploring the individuals and institutions which attempt to rule our world.The POP is based on a presentation I shared as part of my 2018 Liberate Your Mind U.S. tour. Over the years it evolved into the docu-series which we began releasing two years ago in May 2021.So far, we have released these 12 chapters:1. Big Education2. Establishment Media3. Big Tech4. The Hollywood-Military-Intelligence Complex5. Big Wireless6. The Oilgarchy7. Big Pharma and The Medical Cartel

8. Food as a Weapon9. The Prison-Industrial Complex10. The Foundations & the Non-Profit Industrial Complex11. The Banking Cartel & the Future of Money12. Crimes of the Intelligence CommunityThe next chapter – The Technocratic State – is one of the best and most important yet! This one will feature author and researcher Patrick Wood. As always, it features suggested reading for further research, and solutions for your life. I can’t wait to share this with you!Thank you for the support.theUntil Next Time, Remember:You Are Powerful. You Are Beautiful. You Are Free.– Derrick BrozeIf you enjoy our content and want to keep us going for another 10 years, please consider investing in TCRN via SubstackBuy Me a CoffeeCrypto, or buy a shirt!

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