America Has Bent Over Backwards To Accomodate This Minority. Why Do They HATE US SO MUCH???

September 19, 2023

An Editorial By

Trump Accuses Liberal Jews of Voting to Destroy America

The times have changed…..
On the “High Holy Day” of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), the unchained Donald J Trump used the occasion to directly assault 75% of American Jews for having “voted to destroy America and Israel” In so doing, he also took an indirect jab at many of the remaining 25% by outing them (by inference) as Israel Firsters. Given that these coming days are to be used for reflection and “penitence,” Trump’s admonition to “learn from your mistake and make better choices” added mockery on top of condemnation. The impact of the “offensive” Truth Social post delightfully (for us) reverberated across the Judenpresse — and there’s not a darn thing that the usual suspects can do to harm Trump over it. For six years now, the “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has been trying to explain to discouraged Black Pill addicts that the purpose of Trump’s effusive praise for — and cosmetic policy gestures in favor of — the shitty little state served important strategic objectives: *1. To pacify the 30 million or so Scofieldized Evangelical nutjobs who literally worship Israel *2. To pacify the paranoid normies of Israel who now like Trump more than they do Bibi Satanyahoo *3. To conceal the secret war which he was waging against Satanyahoo and the Likud devils *4. To divide US Jews into two warring camps *5. To give him the protective cover (“street cred”) needed to directly attack the Globo-Marxist Jews Trump’s game: “I love Israel!” — (as he secretly engineered the arrest of Hollywood Zionist Mogul Harvey Weinstein) “I love Israel!” — (as he busted up Mossad’s Epstein-Maxwell-Wexner Island) “I love Israel!” — (as he defunded Mossad’s ISIS terror army) “I love Israel!” — (as he worked with Putin to save Syria) “I love Israel!” — (as his agents stripped CNN away from Mogul Jeff Zucker) “I love Israel!” — (as he purged the Republican Party of its Israel First “Neocon” politicians and pundits) “I love Israel!” — (as he pulled the US out of the region and left Russia, China & Iran in charge) “I love Israel!” — (as he and his agents now openly attack the once-untouchable Soros and the ADL) “I love Israel!” — (as he attacks and weakens the Jew bosses of the Fed, Hollywood, Media & Academia) “I love Israel!” — (as he openly declared: F*** Netanyahu” — after he was done using him and Adelson) “I love Israel!” — (as he directed agent “Biden” to fund & train a Palestinian Commando Force) “I love Israel!” — (as he openly promotes Q’s exposure of the Rothschild “New World Order” — by name) “I love Israel!” — (as he openly labels 75% of American Jews as traitors, in essence) That’s how to operate in those high levels, boys and girls —- not by screaming “da Jews! da Jews!”
The New Republic
Both the treacherous Black Pill dealers and the innocently incorrigible Black Pill addicts will no doubt seize upon the necessary second part (the “optics”) of Trump’s Rosh Hashanah post as a “yeah but.” To give protective cover to his attack, Trump went on to boast about all that he did for Israel and Jews. He listed five points which, upon superficial inspection, give the impression of a pro-Jewish ass-kisser. But in reality, all five of the “accomplishments” are meaningless — yet extremely useful for the purpose of providing the cover (“optics”) which Trump needs to continue his attack. For the benefit of the Black Pill Society, let’s go through them one by one: 1. Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognized the divided city as Israel’s Capital. Analysis: So what? Jerusalem has been recognized as half Jew / half Arab for 75 years now. 2. Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights Analysis: Conquered, occupied and populated by Israelis more than a half-century ago and never going back to Syria any more than Istanbul, Turkey will be returning to Greece (Constantinople). Old news. 3. Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over certain settlements in “Judea & Samaria” Analysis: Again, another horse which left the barn a long time ago. No big deal. 4. Trump recognized Judaism as a nationality in addition to a religion — which protects them against ethnic discrimination in hiring. Analysis: Means nothing — employers weren’t discriminating based on “religion” anyway. 5. Trump signed a Holocaust Education” bill into law. Analysis: The bill — which passed Congress by unanimous consent — grants a measly $2 million per year for 5 years to Holohoax museums. A veto of such a bill would have been embarassingly overturned anyway, and given the usual suspects ammunition with which to attack. To use a chess analogy, what Trump did was sacrifice a few pawns in order to win the enemy Knights, Rooks and Bishops. Again, for the benefit of the Trump-hating Black Pill addicts of “the far right” — Donald Trump just publicly accused 75% of American Jews (and he actually used the J word!) of voting to destroy America — and he is getting away with it! Let that sink in.

1. Q Post 151 from 2017 told us how the plan to “attack a very dangerous animal” would be executed. // 2. Trump: “Liberal Jews voted to destroy America.”
The Independent (UK)
Boobus Americanus 1: I read that Donald Trump is blaming liberal Jews for voting to destroy America. Boobus Americanus 2: Oh my goodness! That sounds antisemitic! * St Sugar: Trump isn’t antissemitic, Boobuss. He moved the embasssy to Jerussalem and visited the Wailing Wall, remember? He he he he he. Editor: With 100% of the Evangelical boobs and 25% of US Jews now in his corner, Trump cannot be neutralized by ADL and J Press attacks.
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