U.S. Hemorrhaging Money Into Ukraine For Another British Empire WAR Against Russia

US Dumps Another $400 Million Into the Ukraine War

Comment:  Pictured is the fat pig Victoria Nuland who started the war in Ukraine.  She represents the British not me.  What is a person representing FOREIGN INTERESTS DOING RUNNING THE STATE DEPARTMENT?  I hope U.S. loses WW3 and she is shot to death as a Traitor.


The ZOG assholes are sending another $400 million worth of military aid to the Ukraine.


They’re just going to keep sending money, equipment, munitions and anything else they can over there. None of these people are remotely concerned about any of the consequences. It’s almost not even worth commenting on at this point.

Nobody wants to admit that this whole war project to weaken and destroy Russia has totally failed and has only made Russia stronger.

Here’s Douglas MacGregor’s latest comments about the war. He remains one of the few former military people speaking the truth about what’s going on over there.

US Sends $345 Million in Weapons to Taiwan


The United States government which is run by the most evil and sick Jews imaginable, have decided to send $345 million in weapons to Taiwan.


They should send billions if not gazillion of dollars.

Don’t they understand that their demonic Jew world government system is at stake?

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how much money they dump into Taiwan, the Ukraine or whatever. This Jewish system is collapsing and it can’t be saved. The people running it are objectively stupid and the people serving under them are even dumber.

The only people who are dumber than them are Republicans who claim Joe Biden is a puppet of China. If he were really a puppet of China he and all the Jews in his regime would not be trying to start a war with them over Taiwan.

Either way, the US has no means of stopping China from purging Taiwan of this puppet ZOG separatist government if they decide to do so via a military intervention. They’re just dumping money into Taiwan because they don’t know what else to do.

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