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NY Times: Stephen Hawking Dies at 76; His Mind Roamed the Cosmos


Unless one lives in the center of Antarctica, with no means of communications to the outside world, then surely he will have heard by now of the death of the all-knowing, the all-wise, the infallible talking corpse, the stiff from “Weekend at Bernies” — St. Stephen Hawking. He was the Cambridge University “theoretical physicist” and best-selling book manufacturer (122 titles!) whose “brilliant” mind  “roamed the cosmos from a wheelchair, pondering the nature of gravity and the origin of the universe.” He, his handlers sure did get paid big-time for ghost-writing and lecturing for this physical dummy who, in spite of his alleged mathematical prowess, was also a mental dummy — a “savant.”

Personally, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times believe that the real Stephen Hawking died at least 40 years ago and was replaced by a dummy version who supposedly spoke through a computer. As a graduate student in 1963, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, (ALS) a rapidly degenerative neuromuscular disease often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease — after the famous baseball player. Hawking was given only a few years to live. Yet here we are, 55 years and many millions of dollars in book royalties later, at a moment in time when the Hawking impostor “conspiracy theory”  was actually beginning to get a bit of “mainstream media” attention (here), and he finally dies in 2018? Wethinks the illusion-makers thought it was time to kill off the character after a highly successful run..
Queens, Presidents, Popes and others have all paid homage to an almost-vegetative idiot-savant who had neither discovered nor invented anything.
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Queen Elizabeth, Barack Obongo, Poop Francis 
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Bill and Killary Clinton, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela 


Putting aside the indications of a body-double fraud; given the hype over his demise, one would think that Hawking invented something revolutionary, or least made an astonishing discovery answering the riddles of the Universe. Actually, the obsessively outspoken atheist Hawking’s only “accomplishment” was in concocting math equations(in lieu of actual experimentation and observation) to “prove” the “Big Bang” and “Black Holes.” This line, from the article, inadvertently reveals the problem with the type of “theoretical science” practiced by St. Hawking and his idiotic ilk:


In a long and daunting calculation, Dr. Hawking discovered to his befuddlement that black holes — those mythological avatars of cosmic doom — were not really black at all. In fact, he found, they would eventually fizzle, leaking radiation and particles, and finally explode and disappear over the eons.” (bold emphasis added)


Nikola Tesla — the greatest scientific genius of the 20th Century — warned us about crackpots such as St. Albert Einstein, St. Stephen Hawking et al and their exclusive use of “long and daunting” mathematical calculations (and today, computer models) to “prove” imaginary theories shaped from pre-existing bias:



Image result for tesla quote mathematical structureImage result for tesla scientists insane quote

Tell it, Nicky — tell it!


Hawking’s hyped up 1988 “masterpiece:” A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, sold more than 10 million copies and inspired a documentary film by Errol Morris. Cha Ching! Cha Ching Cha Ching! It is interesting to note that there are quite a few secular cosmologists who refute Big Bangism and Black Hole-ism, yet their books, like those of “climate change deniers,” don’t get the puff-up treatment. Big Bang and Black Hole “deniers,” — no matter how impressive their credentials — are also denied access to the major science publications as well as the pop-science media.

Even more annoying than his Fake Science and his sarcastic, God-mocking atheism, the most tiresome aspect  of Hawking Inc.’s operation was his, his handlers’ frequent “words of wisdom” on this or that issue of the day — empty slogans and platitudes which the Fake News would duly seize upon and hype as the word of the Almighty himself. Here is but a tiny sampling of the “brilliance” which “the smartest man in the world” bestowed upon the goofy groupies who hung on Hawking’s every computer-simulated utterance.
  • “A build up of greenhouse gases in Venus’s atmosphere burned off its oceans and turned it into the scorching hot planet seen today, with winds of up to 180mph (300km/h). Venus is an example of runaway greenhouse warming. The next time you meet a climate change denier, tell them to take a trip to Venus. I will pay the fare.”
  • “The world of science needs Africa’s brilliant talents, and I look forward to meeting prospective young Einsteins from Africa in the near future. As well as an African Einstein, we want to see the African Gates, Brins and Pages of the future.”
  • “Before we understand science, it is natural to believe that God created the universe. But now science offers a more convincing explanation. …I’m an atheist. … In my opinion, there is no aspect of reality beyond the reach of the human mind.”
Hawking was no “scientist.” He, his handlers were con men— and Globalist libtards to boot! Good riddance to Hawking Inc. 

“Weekend at Bernie’s” (1989): Two young insurance corporation employees discover their boss, Bernie, dead at his beach house. Upon learning that Bernie had ordered their deaths to cover up his embezzlement (but with instructions to not kill them if he is around) they attempt to convince people that Bernie is still alive.
Was the speechless Hawking actually brain-damaged, but kept “smart” for money making and propaganda purposes?

Puffed-up best-selling books and endless “speaking” tours — The “smartest man in the world” was just a front for a money-grubbing, multi-million dollar marketing machine.

Boobus Americanus 1: The death of Hawking is a huge loss for mankind. Amazingly, as I read in the New York Times today, he actually was not that great of a physics student at Oxford.

Boobus Americanus 2: That’s interesting. Einstein was not an exceptional student either.



Sugar Maybe cuss that Jew Einsstein and that sstiff Hawking were jusst artificially puffed-up phoniess? Ever think of that posssibilty, Boobuss?

 Editor: As a black-listed historian, I can sympathize with the brave souls of science who persist in debunking Einstein and Hawking, but can’t get a fair hearing in the science sections of the Piranha Press.

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