The BILLION Dollar ADRENOCHROME INDUSTRY; CIA/Hollywood’s Drug of Choice



Comment:  This is a rumour that Angie Jolie went to Ukraine not only to do a photo operation but to also pick up some adrenochrome.  It makes sense when you realize she is always surrounded by Burly Security Guards and ADRENOCHROME is worth BILLIONS for a suitcase of 2.2 pounds!!!!!  Adrenochrome is produced by TORTURING young children.  That is the ONLY way it can be produced and then it is extracted via syrings.  This is Secret Society SATANISM and profiting by human torture and suffering at it’s worst.  Children are being mass murdered for this endocrine chemical used by Hollywood Stars, Musicians like Brittney Spears and Mind Controlled SLAVES as well.  The CIA searched to use endocrine chemicals such as STRESS hormones, Sex Hormones and Growth Hormones in Project Bluebird.  This was written up in The Mind Manipulators.

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