Illegally Prosecuting an Innocent Man (British Empire at Work); No Free Speech in U.K.

ACH (2161) Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson – An Analysis Of The Sven Longshanks Trial And Its Implications For The West

No Free Speech in America either!

LaRouchePAC Weekly № 24

At the end of May, Donald Trump announced his plans for our nation’s 250th birthday. Eight days later, he was indicted on federal charges. The empire mortally fears a rebirth of the United States.

Rogue DOJ Rampage — First Trump Fed Indictment

by Barbara Boyd

On June 8, at the beginning of the Friday weekend propaganda cycle and a day which will “live in infamy,” President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States and the current frontrunner for President in 2024 by huge margins, was indicted by a Grand Jury sitting in the Southern District of Florida. The indictment was at the behest of a rogue and weaponized Justice Department, acting at the behest of Joe Biden, who is Trump’s main opponent in 2024. It is unprecedented in U.S. history.

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