WHO & UN Promote Sex With Young Children; Pictured UN Representative Angie Jolie

Shocked child

In the previous email I announced the final revealing of our in depth evidence report, in which we fully expose the agenda of the World Health Organization and United Nations to push pedophilia into society through the schools.

A number of people think we are the ones who are promoting this agenda. Let me be clear that we are EXPOSING it with the purpose of STOPPING it worldwide. We worked on this report for months on end and it will contain an overwhelming amount of evidence, so that no honest person will be able to deny it. This will be the world’s most comprehensive, clearest and compelling clarion call about the cruel agenda to normalize pedophilia.

I know what I am risking. Hate emails are flooding my mailbox already, people cursing and cussing me, calling me names and threatening me, for exposing this. The demons are raging mad, and in total terror because it is the Spirit of Truth who is about to expose the horrendous works of evil as never before, for all the world to see.

Remember: the reason these monsters have always been able to pull off their operations, is because of the stubborn ignorance of humanity.

We have, however, entered an era of mass worldwide exposure, and they can no longer hide. It outrages and terrifies them. Because once the truth about the incredibly nefarious agenda of the WHO and UN is revealed, they will crumble, and humanity will be liberated from their grip.

Equip children to have sexual relationships

Some people fail to comprehend the concept of an announcement and demand to see all the evidence immediately. Please understand the purpose of announcing something is to prepare you to pay sufficient attention to it, once it is revealed.

But for those who can’t wait, below is an example of the evidence that will be revealed on May 6th: a document from the UN sent to all the nations of the world, all the education and health authorities and the policy makers.

This UN document states that the purpose of the new sexuality education is to make sure that all children will have sexual relationships.

This is just one of the many documents we will unveil, and all evidence will be available as download.

UN Document

Yes, we can prevent this!

I announce this report beforehand because we need to draw attention to it, in order to make sure it will wake up as many people as possible. Please join with us and help us get the truth out there.

When it receives the needed attention, we have a chance of waking up enough teachers, school directors, and policy makers to not go along with this plan.

That’s why I ask you to share this announcement far and wide. Widely distribute the flyer please. I added the line “*Official statement by the WHO and UN” to prevent confusion.

If anyone hosts a podcast or radio show, I am willing to come on and explain this agenda, to further warn the people. Contact me here.


If the button doesn’t work, copy this url into your browser: https://stopworldcontrol.com/pedoreport/

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Protect humanity


Please support our mission to warn humanity, and prevent this all out assault on all the children of our world. We cannot do this without your generous support. Together we can do the impossible. Thank you.

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