There is a new political action committee (PAC) dedicating to drafting Tucker Carlson to run for the presidency.


Before Carlson began aggressively pushing for a war against China, promoting homosexual marriage, ignoring the 2020 election fraud, propping up Pentagon UFO hoaxes and denouncing the idea of a politician defending WHITE people, I would have been interested in him potentially running for office. I no longer feel this way and haven’t felt this way for years.

Unless Carlson suddenly reverses his position on these issues, starts aggressively calling out the Jews who have ruined this country and starts defending WHITE people, I will continue to view him as just another controlled opposition figure.

He became popular by being the only cable news host talking about pertinent issues. His removal from Fox News has only bolstered his popularity. This makes him a somewhat dangerous figure. Millions of people believe in him and there is a high probability that he will be leading them astray while the country continues to plunge into an abyss.

Comment:  All of our Media Anchors are OWNED by the CIA who has compromising film and video of them with either Little Boys or Little Girls that they blackmail them with.  Some of them might be drugged for the CIA to get these Compromise/Blackmail pictures of them.  Either way they kowtow to the CIA.  This is why although Tucker did some good reporting on the Lockdown and being anti-war he still has to kow tow to the CIA (British Empire’s) homosexuality Agenda and War with China Agenda.  He is definitely Controlled Opposition.  The Deep State will get what they want in the end when people listen to Tucker Carlson.  They will get their Homosexuality Agenda Politically and their WW3 agenda as well with Tucker Carlson’s brainwashed supporters.