Selling Out For the Money Should Be Renamed No Rage Against the Machine

Comment: Totally agree with Generation Xer’s Comments here. :-). If you are not willing to be Propaganda for the criminal elite don’t expect a career in acting, music or ANY kind of entertainment. You will be ostracized. Evidently the lead singer needs more money for who can make it with only $25 Million. This is how greed driven your famous false idols really are!

Image: celebritynetwor…$25 million

Rage Against the Machine frontman, Zack de la Rocha, is actually the second-richest member of the band with his net worth of $25 million. While expanding his interest in punk rock bands, such as The Clash and Sex Pistols, Zack de la Rocha joined his first band named Hardstance back in 1987, which later turned into the band called Inside Out.

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