San Francisco is the ultimate conclusion of what you get with diversity and tolerance. You end up having an empty city with shit everywhere.




I’d really like all of these so-called “environmentalists” who whine about climate change and other fake environmental problems, to explain to me how having shit all over the place is good for the environment.

I am very much in favor of having a clean environment. Having shit everywhere is an environmental problem and none of these people seem to have any interest in solving it. They want to spend all of their energy of fake environmental problems like “climate change.”

You’d also think the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be interested in dealing with this issue. Having feces everywhere ensures the spread of sickness and disease. But no, instead they have been more concerned about hoaxing the fake COVID-19 pandemic than this real threat to people’s health.

Every major American city is going to resemble San Francisco in some form if there aren’t major changes.

Comment:  I personally am glad that Nob Hill where Nancy Pelosi lives is covered with the most feces.  Hopefully 91 % of the Feces in Nob Hill is on Nancy Pelosi’s gates house.