DeSantis Signs ‘Law-and-Order’ Bills That Allows the Death Penalty for Pedophiles





Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new package of crime bills into law on Monday, all of which are designed to keep criminals out of the streets.

The three bills target bail reforms being pushed by leftist prosecutors, increases penalties on fentanyl traffickers, and makes those who commit certain crimes against children eligible for the death penalty.

“Florida is a law-and-order state with a 50-year record low crime rate and double-digit year-over-year decreases in murder, burglary, and overall crime,” DeSantis said in a statement. “For three consecutive legislative sessions we have enacted tough-on-crime policies, and this year we are continuing to implement measures to protect our communities and keep Florida safe, with a particular emphasis on keeping criminals in jail and throwing the book at pedophiles.”

House Bill 1627 addresses “bail reforms” through a variety of actions, including requiring the Florida Supreme Court to develop a uniform statewide bond schedule by the end of the year.

The bill prohibits judges from setting a lower bond amount than the uniform state bond, prohibits a defendant from being released prior to their first appearance in court if they have been arrested for a violent or heinous crime, and adds a series of crimes to the state’s list of “dangerous crimes.”

House Bill 1359 increases criminal penalties on those who traffic “rainbow fentanyl” by making those who traffic such substances eligible for a life sentence and imposing a minimum 25 year sentence and a $1 million penalty and making it a first-degree felony to possess, sell, or manufacture fentanyl and other controlled substances that resemble candy.

DeSantis also signed House Bill 1297 into law which imposes the death penalty on pedophiles who “commit sexual battery against children under the age of 12,” the governor’s office said.

The governor said that he is prepared to take the fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court “to overrule judicial precedents which have unjustly shielded child rapists from the death penalty and denied victims and their loved ones the opportunity to pursue ultimate justice against these most heinous criminals.”

Last month, DeSantis signed a bill into law that drops the requirement for a death sentence to be handed out to a convicted criminal from a unanimous vote for jurors to only 8 out of 12 jurors.


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Pedophilia is 100% Involved in CIA’s mind control Slavery:

Randy Turner’s Account of Sexual Abuse by Bill Day, Jimmy Carter and Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush when he was around the age of 13-14.

Maybe a week After I had beat Bush Jr. up during our white house tour I am laying in bed and wake up to Bill Day walking into the room.

He sat on the bed to my left and grabbed my left arm then G.H.W Bush walks in and then {Jimmy} Carter walks in and I was thinking wtf is the president doing in my bedroom?

Carter gets on the bed and grabs my right arm and I believe they shoved these long cardboard tubes on my arms which were to make sure I wasn’t able to fight back.

Bush says I heard what u did to my boy you son of a bitch! Bush reaches down and grabs my testicles and starts crushing them.

I was begging them to kill me the pain was so bad and I must have passed out from the pain.

Bill Day was saying things into my left ear as Bush was torturing me, something about not trusting cops or authority and at some point I passed out.

I recall coming to looking down and seeing poppy sucking on my penis.

Carter was saying something into my right ear as Bush was trying to stimulate me sexually; he was saying something about sex with boys, girls, young or old is all good like he was trying to convince me nothing was wrong with sex with young kids with older women and men. I don’t recall what all they programmed just the beginning of it and the rest is a blur.

This continued for what seemed like an hour or more but during one of my court trials Bush claimed I popped within 15 minutes.

When being tortured to this extreme 15 minutes can feel like and hour.

The (popping) is what happens when the brain is unable to deal with the pain it makes a physical change and when this occurs you feel and hear a popping sound in your head.

I am no expert on how it works but I do recall some medical professional explaining it during my court trial saying the brain can physically alter itself to stop pain receptors in some people.

This popping noise is that the victims hear and feel in their head.

It is at this point the Alternates are created.

These Alternates are given names and have completely different personalities from the person being programmed.

The drug they use (Adrenochrome) allows the programmer to feed information into the subconscious and when the drug wares off the victim will have no memory of what took place or a very vague memory of something but usually will relate it to a dream or nightmare they had and not reality.

Comment: Mind Control is essentially a Rothschild Zionist project and done on military bases in conjunction with the CIA primarily. The Rothschild’s consider theirselves ‘Jews’ but are the Synagogue of Satan and mind control is a Satanic project.

Fritz Springmeier has heavily researched Mind Control and his pdf books are readily available for free on the internet.


Randy Turner

19 hrs ·

Comment:  Many slaves die from these tortures or go insane.  Many are murdered or sent into situation they will not survive through where the odds are Way Against Them.  Randy Turner was sold into slavery by his Alcoholic Mother.  His Father had left during his parents divorce. ReaganAssassination Attempt This is the true story of a CIA MKUltra victim who was used at the age of 16 to assassinate then President Ronald Reagan. Randal has proof to validate being used as a CIA Mind Control assassin during the attempt.Videos

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