Kevin McCarthy says he is very concerned about the debt!


Hey Kevin, you can go fuck yourself. Nobody believes anything you say about the debt or the debt ceiling. You and the Republicans have always went along with increasing the debt ceiling for years. Why the hell would anybody think it is different now?

I would absolutely support not raising the debt ceiling just because it would cause a total collapse of the United States government. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are almost zero. McCarthy and the Republicans are not going to do this because they are a bunch of gay faggots with no balls. They didn’t even release all the J6 footage as promised.

I’m not the only one who sees how fake and stupid this all is.



Comment:  The Endless Rothschild money printing and U.S. DEBT BONDS (Treasury Bonds) that no one wants will lead to a Dollar Collapse and Genocide of the American People 10X Worse than the Depression UNLESS we have different politicians in power than the insane, demented alcoholics and drug crazed ones we have now.  All G7 Countries have Rothschild Central Banks and endless money printing.  The Rothschilds are intermarried with the British Crown and both are part of the British Empire.