A whistleblower from inside the IRS has said that the Jew Attorney General Merrick Garland blocked an investigation into Hunter Biden. This directly contradicts what the Jew told Congress.

Here’s some tweets about it.





lol at Charlie Kirk.


I have no doubt that the whistleblower is telling the truth about the actions of this disreputable and virulent Jew Garland.

The thing is, nothing is going to happen. The system is too corrupt for anything to happen. We’ve seen this time and time again. Everything is selectively enforced and real criminals who support the Jew regime are never held accountable for anything.

Comment:  Of course nothing happens.  They work for the British Empire CRIME SYNDICATE and every aspect of the gov’t is controlled by this crime syndicate.  Merrick, Austin & Fauci do as they’re told and it is a rewards based system for PSYCHOPATHS.  They are all Psychopaths to boot.


What else can I say about this? The Republicans will just whine about how awful this is while they do nothing substantive to remove the Jew from office.

Comment:  Secret Society CRIME SYNDICATE members like Garland are ALWAYS PROMOTED TO THE MOST POWERFUL POSITIONS as they do what the crime syndicate WANTS!  He is doing his job for the CRIME SYNDICATE so he will not be removed.  After all the Crime Syndicate did a coup on Trump to install Joe Biden as President.  I have seen for 50 years the U.S. was run by Criminals and have been demonized by the American People for saying so.  The American people have supported vicious criminals who have now aimed their Murder Inc. at the Americans themselves.  ‘for they did not love the truth’  from the Bible.  The same crime syndicate that did the Canadian Holocaust will now do the American Holocaust.  This website has been targeted for destruction by the British Empire and has been named in their Parliament in the U.K.  I just hope and pray I last longer than they do.