The Impending Banking Collapse

Deutsche Bank Showing Signs of Serious Problems


The banking system in the West continues to have all sorts of issues. Deutsche Bank shares have fallen 10 percent because of insurance issues they are having.


Germany’s treasonous leader is claiming the banking system is stable lol.


This means that the banking system is most definitely not stable. It is instead very unstable.

Keep in mind that this is Germany’s largest bank.


You also have this ha ha.


That’s the kiss of death right there. The Jew scumbag Jim Cramer has said good things about Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse prior to their collapse.

This entire system is collapsing and the people in power don’t have any idea what to do except lie and create more fake money on computers.

Comment:  I think they planned this for all fiat currencies to implode so they could bring in their Central Banking Digital Currencies which will track us and trace us using blockchain already established with cryptos.

Jew Yellen Calls Emergency Meeting as Banking Crisis Spreads


The Jew Treasury Secretary has called an emergency meeting due to the entire fake Jew banking system imploding across the West.


What is she going to do in this emergency meeting though? Create gazillions more dollars on computers and lie about how everything is fine? If everything was fine, there’d be no need to hold emergency meetings.

This fake system can’t be saved. It is totally doomed. The Jews will just have to accept the fact that they’ve reached the limits of imposing their lies and fraud on the world.

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