Political Prostitute (SLAVE to the Yiddish British Empire) Grovels & Macron (Empire Puppet) Reform Sets France on FIRE

Indian Skank Nimrata Says China and Russia are the “Axis of Evil”


This Indian whore Nimrata Randhawa is really too much for me to handle. She is claiming that China and Russia are the “Axis of Evil.”

The United States government’s core values revolve around gay butt sex and trannies. This has been publicly admitted. These are things condemned not just in the Bible but other ancient religious texts.

China and Russia do not support such things. They are certainly not advocating turning children into trannies which is literally the most evil thing you could do to someone imaginable.

That’s why it is insane to see this ridiculous old brown slut claim that China and Russia are the manifestation of all that is evil.

The United States and the Jews who run it are the ones that are evil. This brown slut is just an agent for this evil. Who the hell is she to lecture the American people on anything? If she loves the Jews and all the evil they represent so much, she should move to Israel.

France is on Fire After Macron Forced Pension Reform


Say what you want about the French, but they sure know how to stage a protest. This looks like some French Revolution 2.0 type shit going on. They are really angry over the pension reform that was pushed through by Emmanuel Macron without a proper vote.

My nigga Wall Street Silver has got some clips.






There are now events occurring that the Jews in Washington DC have no control over. The West is so unstable economically and socially, there is no telling what is going to happen next.

The Jews better hope that their lord and savior Satan gave them special powers to deal with this, because the situation is looking worse and worse for them by the day.

Nimarata Randhawa Speaks to Hundreds of Jews in Palm Beach


Check out this tweet from Zionist Indian Nimarata Randhawa.


She spoke to a room full of Jews wearing their tiny penis hats.

Jews represents roughly two percent of the population in the United States and she thinks it is a great idea to discuss the future of America with this small minority.

She wouldn’t be doing this if Jews didn’t have power in this country. She is literally one of the biggest shills for Jews and Israel imaginable.

An Indian like her should not be allowed to run for the presidency or even be involved in America’s political system. She should be deported back to India and dumped on a street filled with poop.

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