China’s Xi Jinping when talking to Russia’s Vladimir Putin said that change that hasn’t happened in a century is coming.


He’s correct and I welcome this change. I can’t tolerate the way the world is right now. I’m tired of Jews and all of the Jewish bullshit I’ve had to deal with my entire adult life. I’m sick of feminism, niggers, faggots and other perversions being promoted endlessly.

What’s ridiculous is how supposed right-wingers and Republicans are not celebrating this change that is coming. They are fearing it like this change in global power is a bad thing.

Take Jesse Kelly for example. He apparently prefers this evil global Jewish system over a system led by Russia, Iran and China.


Marsha Blackburn is shitting herself over the Russia-China alliance.


Jack Posobiec claims this statement from Xi is “chilling.”


What is “chilling” about it exactly?

These people know nothing about China or its history. They have never been an aggressive military power trying to force their ways on people. They have only sought to expand their influence through economic means. The Chinese have no desire to invade America and take over the country through their military power.

The entire position on China by most Republicans and right-wingers is utterly stupid. There’s only a small handful of people on the Internet who seem to even have a basic understanding of China.

Regardless of whatever you think of China, the change they are planning to bring to the world can’t be any worse than what we have now with the Jews and all the satanic gay butt sex insanity.