My Comments on Taylor Swift’s Video: Depicts Monarch Slave of the British Empire

Comment:  At 3.47 you see all the ‘Alters’ which are created by torture & dissociation of a Monarch Slave.  Some alters are hypnotically programmed to work against other alters.  This is the way Programmers program slaves.  Divide & Rule.  The CIA on behalf of their Satanic elite use over 700 Drugs, Human Endocrine Hormones & Herbs plus torture programming and sex programming with these slaves.  A slave is programmed according to how that slave is Pre-determined to be used.  At 1 Minute 23 Seconds she is in a gilded Cage surrounded by Armed Security.  This is the way it really is in real life.  Slaves are taken to Torture Rooms where they are tortured into dissociation on military bases.  They are surrounded by armed guards so if they escape they will be captured and brought back to be tortured some more.  Usually kitten program is sexual programming to prepare the slave for sex slavery.  There is no glamour in this life.  Imagine a young girl being forced to sexually service an old pervert politician.  This is how it actually is.

In the lyrics I Don’t Trust Nobody & Nobody Trusts Me.  It is this way in real life For a Slave.  Absolutely no one can be trusted.  Not Family members.  Not so called girlfriends or boy friends.  Not even a Slave’s mother can be trusted cuz the mother most likely SOLD the slave into slavery.  Et tu Brutus refers to Caesar stabbed to death by his best friend implicating No One can be trusted.

Slaves are always being drugged.  They are surrounded by cabal members.  Unbeknownst to a slave even their best friend will be a cabal member ordered by the cabal to Betray a Slave.  A Child Slave will be ordered to kill his or her best friend and threatened that if she/he doesn’t kill the best friend he/she will die.  Literally Kill or Be Killed Programming.

At 3 Minutes 28 Seconds Taylor Swift lifts two motorcycles showing super human strength.  Some slaves are given hormones/drugs & programming to give them these types of super human abilities.

At the end of this video I see Taylor and about a Dozen of her alter personalities each with their respective role to play bickering amongst each other.  This is actually the way it is in real Monarchs as their alters are programmed to dislike each other.  Some do have a protective role.  The CIA Hypnotists/Programmers are very skilled at this evil.  They come from the top medical schools are are among the top behavioral Scientists.  They also hire top Endocrinologists to calibrate exact amounts of human hormones for SLAVES.  Nothing is left to chance.  The Slave Programmers are highly educated, cunningly evil Secret Society Pedophiles.  Many times these Secret Society Programmers & Handlers USE their own slave for sexual services as they know the keys & codes to call out the Beta Sexual Service SLAVE/Alter to use.  After a lifetime of torture & programming the Slaves are discarded.   That is how COLD the world of our BILLIONAIRES is!  ALL BILLIONAIRES Use Slaves and that is how they all become BILLIONAIRES.  Another take on her video:

The Sinister Meaning of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”



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