All Serial Killers Work For Satanic Cults page 72

Fritz Springmeier in his
book Bloodlines of the Illuminati notes that “almost all the
serial killers have had connections to Satanism and in every
case the media and the police have suppressed or greatly
downplayed their connections to freemasonry and satanism.”
He mentions serial killers Charles Manson, Sam Berkowitz,
Jack the Ripper and Henry Lee Lucas as all having both ties
to freemasonry and satanism, two pillars of the Illuminati.

Later in the same book Fritz asserts, “Remember, these
people (the elite Illuminati) own the press, and the media.”
“they control the media….they control the governments, they
control the police forces”. And more ominously “they will
kill or discredit anyone who exposes them.” The Rothschilds
(another Illuminati family) “have control of all three US
(television) networks, plus other aspects of the recording and
mass media industry.” They “control Reuters” and now
control “CNN, which began as an independent challenge” to
the Rockefeller media monopoly. (FS 02) They also pay to
keep certain stories out of the news. (SV 27)


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