A Former Southland Resident Verified Kevin Annett’s Information

Some of this I have DIRECT, first hand information/experience with. I lived for a few years in The Southlands, on a friend’s estate, and our neighbour was involved in a huge drug import/running/distributing operation which included the estate adjoining ours, and Celtic Shipyards. I have considerable awareness of the Picton Pig Farm operation. Piggy’s Palace was a crown corporation and it served as a blackmail operation similar to Epstein Island. Filming CEO’s, head of RCMP Western Canada…having coitus with native “girls” on an altar on site, and the women ritually killed. RCMP and many police forces..municipal..Victoria, Vancouver…even here in our little town of 100 Mile House..And Hwy 16 murders of natives….this is a 150 year old Masonic vendetta, punishing the native tribes for the Indian Wars of the 1860’s which the Chilcotin tribes won..over the British Crown. That vast area of BC in officially unceded territory. Yes, the police, RCMP, municipal forces, judges, lawyers, Catholic and Anglican churches are ALL involved.

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