Partners in Crime Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell & Epstein, Child Traffickers, Meet With Pope Who’s Vatican Launders the Money ALL FOR THE CIA!

 (Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Comment:  These 3 are all Cabal (Secret Society) members and partners in crime.  The two on right trafficked young teen sex slaves as Honeypots to Wealthy Elite they Compromised & Blackmailed.  Ghislaine Maxwell worked for the CIA & Mossad Intelligence Services as did Jeffrey Epstein.  The CIA infiltrated the Vatican long ago with their Pedophile Priests out of Fordham University in New York.  Once the CIA had their Pedophile Priest Assets in place in the Vatican they forced the Vatican to Launder their Black Cash from the CIA’s illegal activities:  Gun Running, Child Prostitution, Snuff Films, Etc.

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