The Guard Saw the People in the Ceremony Eating Babies Alive; Pentagon & CIA (Both Using MKUltra’s) Took Part & Secured This Event

When he had seen what was happening in the ceremony, he called in over the coms to all the other guards in the security detail and he told U.S. that the people in the ceremony were eating children/babies alive. I listened to my headset but was silent on my radio as the guard described what was happening in the ceremony. The guard who had looked behind the doors did not approve of the activity taking place in the ceremony and he told all of the other guards posted around it to join him in stopping the ceremony and killing everyone in the room; he had said that none of the people in the ceremony deserved to live and we needed to kill them all.

 It was difficult for me to understand why the CIA and the Pentagon would be taking part in and securing such an event as the one that I had been involved with at the Trinity Mountain Underground Complex.

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