One Way (of Over 700 Ways) CIA (in Service to Elite Criminals) Eliminate Slave’s Free Will

What Is Devil's Breath, the Hallucinogenic Flower With Scopolamine

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About Scopolamine or burundanga:

“The deal with burundanga is that it pretty much eliminates your free will so you’re awake and you’re articulate,” VICE News reported at the time. “To anyone else watching you, it seems like you’re perfectly fine, but you’ve completely lost control of your own actions, so you’re at the whim of suggestions, and that’s how people take advantage of you.”

Devil's Breath: The Scariest Drug in the World — outofofficegal,beautiful%20w

Dementia Black, a drug dealer, told the news website the effects of blowing it into someone’s face are almost instant. “It works in a flash. You wait for a minute for it to kick in and then you know you own that person. You can guide them wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child.”

the one the CIA used in the mind control drug combined with endocrine”

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Betty Harkness, was an American composer, socialite, sculptor, dance patron, and philanthropist who founded the Harkness Ballet.

Taylor Swift Sang About the Former Owner of Her Mansion:

“Rebekah rode up on the afternoon train / It was sunny,” Taylor Swift croons in her new song “The Last Great American Dynasty.” In 3 minutes 51 seconds, Swift tells the story of Harkness’s legacy through lyrics. But why? Swift explains it briefly in a verse—Harkness once owned Holiday House, the singer’s current Watch Hill, Rhode Island, home. (Yes, the seaside mansion that was the setting for Taymerica.) However, the connection between the two women, despite being eras apart, may go beyond mere real estate.

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Comment:  In real life this woman looks far more evil than the demure painting of her showcased first.  She wore a Scopolamine Flower Pin with a Monarch Butterfly symbolizing in my opinion monarch slavery.  This is how the ELITE garner their real wealth.

She married her second husband, Standard Oil heir William Hale Harkness, in 1947. Their wedding took place at 730 Park Avenue, which was William’s apartment. In the first verse of “The Last Great American Dynasty,” Swift sings that the ceremony “was charming, if a little gauche / There’s only so far new money goes.”

Comment:  Simply put to me this heiress was championing Monarch SLAVERY.  She was evil and loved making others miserable including her neighbors.  Scopolamine is well known to be used to make the unwitting into ZOMBIE SLAVES and should be outlawed in all countries.  Taylor Swift resembles this woman especially around the eyes.  Elite Cabal Members progeny HAVE TO HIDE THEIR Ancestry cuz if they didn’t we would ALL REALIZE The NEPOTISM going on in the Entertainment Industry.  Below Taylor Swift Sings About Her Mother.

Taylor Swift Previews 'Midnights' Music Videos With Haim, Laura Dern - Variety

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