About Erdogan: He Won Gaddafi’s Prize For Human Rights

I am not really into politics and I do not live in Turkey . But I was in Turkey 2 years ago and have family in Turkey as I am of Turkish origin.

This is my evaluation of the pros and cons of Erdogan . Firstly before I went to Turkey, I thought he was a dictator who was trying to make the country into a radical Islamic state as that is all I heard on the western media about him. Well I was pleasantly surprised, and started doing my own research about him.

First of all Erdogan never told people they need to cover up. In Turkey I saw people that were covered and people that were not covered. Everyone is free to dress as they please. And the rumours about him banning alcohol were not true either. You can buy alcohol at the local stores and supermarkets. The only thing he said was stores that are at a certain proximity, close to mosques were not allowed to sell alcohol.

What I did not know and a lot of people don’t know outside of Turkey is that when CHP was in power, they banned the wearing of the head scarf in Turkey at universities, in the military and in government buildings and offices. I am not covered with head scarf myself but I was still disgusted when I saw videos on you tube of female police officers forcibly removing the head scarves off females heads and forcibly removing them from universities as they were trying to enrol. It did not matter if they got into university with the highest scores, if they wearing a head scarf they were forcibly removed. In one particular video, you see the female police officer yanking the head scarf off one girl telling her to take it off because she looks ugly. I also saw a video of a 12 year old girl who was not awarded her prize on stage at an essay writing competition in Turkey because she was wearing a head scarf . The 12 year old girl left the stage in tears. A few teachers who were not covered also left as they could not handle the injustice done to this 12 year old.

So in a Muslim country like Turkey, you were not allowed to wear the head scarf or you were treated like a 2nd class citizen while CHP party was in power. Was this a democracy ? No it was wasn’t in my opinion. Muslims in Australia are free to wear head scarves but in Turkey, a Muslim country you could not wear the head scarf in certain places like universities.

So when Erdogan came to power, he changed this law and lifted the ban on head scarfs in universities and in government offices and in the military. So no he didn’t make the country into a fanatical Islamic country. He just gave back the rights to these people and made sure everyone was free to wear or not wear the head scarf.

But there was a huge uproar about this saying that he is going to make the country a radical Islamist country . Why was there no uproar when females were been dragged out of universities and had their scarves pulled off ?

I also learnt in my own research that Erdogan was jailed for reading a poem because the government at the time thought it was religiously motivated . I read that poem and honestly there was nothing wrong about that poem at all.

So in my opinion, the CHP took a lot of things to the extreme when they were in power, and Erdogan just made these things fair for everyone.

When Erdogan came into power he rebuilt the cities of Turkey that has been neglected for years by CHP who only focused on making Istanbul and Ankara and Izmir better states .

He supplied water and gas to parts of Turkey that never had this , he built roads and made these neglected parts of Turkey to the same level of Izmir and other popular parts of Turkey.

In other words Erdogan looked after all the people that had been neglected for so many years. And I think this explains why so many people supported him. Imagine having to get into a line in your home town to get gas or water but now that is easily accessible. I would vote for him too just for raising my standards of living that had been neglected for years.

There has also been a lot of talk about Erdogan laundering money into his own accounts and into his families accounts. I am by no means an expert in this area. He may not have or he may have, but so did all the previous governments before Erdogan. But at least he still looked after the neglected parts of Turkey and raised everyones living standards. Something the previous governments never did.

I think Erdogan would have to be one of the misunderstood people in power and that is because western media prefers to portray him as a dictator. He is a true humanitarian in my opinion for opening doors to millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey. He has opened hospitals and schools in Afghanistan and in Somalia all funded by Turkey, but we never hear this on western media . That’s why I don’t believe anything I see on the western media, I now do my own research.

Yes he has jailed a lot of people since the coup. I was in Turkey when the coup happened that night and trust me the western media showed nothing of how horrific that night really was in Istanbul. Turkey did not receive condolences or support for the coup from western countries till much later on. In fact western countries blamed Erdogan for the coup.

But had something like this happened in a non Muslim country, there would have been candles lit in cities all over the world to honour the people that had died . There were jets and tanks shooting at people on the street in Istanbul that night and the western media only showed an inch of how horrific that night really was . I also saw video footage of American families leaving the NATO airbase in Incirlik nights before the coup. America knew the planned coup was going to happen so they were making sure their families left Turkey.

Comment:  Clearly this is a CIA Coup and the Americans leaving early Knew it.

I think Erdogan understands that Turkeys only friend is Turkey . Erdogan understands that Turkey is the only Muslim country left in the region that the U.S wants to conquer and divide like Afghanistan, Libya,Syria and Iraq.

But the night of the coup every single person poured out into the streets no matter what political party they followed and everyone showed unity and protected each other.

In my opinion, no one is perfect and yes there will be people that hate or love Erdogan.

In the meantime I will continue to do my own research on Erdogan because I realised there is a lot more to Erdogan than western media wants us to know.

Comment:  What Americans need to know is that their media is of One Orientation:  Pro-Israel, Anti-Arabic.  With that in mind Americans need to know their media is against them as well and wants them annihilated in WW3, via Covid Poison Vaxx, Big Pharma, Drugs, Alcohol…any way they can be killed off.   As Hillary Clinton said to Dr Rima Laibow:  “it’s time for the great culling.”  (or Killing as Hillary is a part of the Satanic Mob controlling America.   The Media is simply an arm of this Satanic Mob.)

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