Ye, Nick Fuentes and Milo all appeared on Tim Pool’s Timcast show last night. I’m not going to bother going into the details, but ultimately Ye walked off the show because Pool refused to acknowledge the power that Jews have. Pool also did not conduct a proper interview because he felt the need to pushback against Ye because Pool disagrees with Ye on the Jews.

Here are some tweets about the incident.






Ye even took some of Tim’s cookies on the way out lol.


I’m glad Ye did this. Not only was it funny, but it generated all sorts of buzz and media coverage. Plus, he already went through this same type of thing when he went on with Lex Friedman and Piers Morgan. There was no point to go through it again with Pool.

Pool is obviously afraid of talking about the Jews and this whole situation highlights that fact.

Quite frankly, the only reason Pool became a popular Internet media figure is because he made a point not to say anything that would get him banned by Jews. He just happened to be the most “edgy” person left that was allowed to stay on YouTube and all the other major streaming sites. But I use the term “edgy” loosely because there really isn’t anything remotely “edgy” about his show.

If it wasn’t for mass censorship, Pool would not have anywhere near the audience he has because he would have been surpassed by much more talented people. This was a big “L” for the Soycast.