Death by Doorknob….Really?

13th June 2018FEATURES By Jay Greenberg Hanging From Doorknobs: 12 Pedophile Related Celebrity ‘Suicides’ So Far Following the tragic death of CNN reporter Anthony Bourdain last week, attention is being drawn to the way in which he died, and the mind

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Death by Hanging from a Doorknob? Really?

(6-10-2018)Death By Hanging From a Doorknob — The Signature of Pedophilia-Related Assassinations?

Eleven People So Far — Who Knew Doorknobs Could Be So Deadly?

Hung on doorknobs… means choked for speaking out against the cabal.

(And now supposedly Anthony Bourdain? And before that anti-pedophilia advocate DJ Avicii who allegedly killed himself by slashing his wrist with a broken wine bottle.)

According to the Corporate Controlled Media -“Spade hanged herself with “a scarf on a doorknob” in one of the bedrooms of their home, reports the New York Post.”

By the way, L’Ren Scott, (former girlfriend of Nate Rothschild and Mick Jagger), Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Robin Williams– four other different people — all also allegedly committed suicide by hanging themselves from a doorknob with a scarf.

First of all – How high are these doorknobs?

Wouldn’t your feet and probably your whole body touch the floor?

Second of all, what kind of scarves are these? I don’t think I have any scarves strong enough to do the job.

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