Tim Pool has been praised by Jews and fake conservatives for his defense of Jews against Ye and Nick Fuentes.

Here’s a sampling.





Pool proved conclusively that he is nothing more than another puppet protecting Jewish power with the way he conducted the interview with Ye. The fact that so many Jews and fake conservatives are praising him proves this. It also shows what a problem these fake conservatives are. They may say some good things about certain issues but they will never call out the major problem we have and that is these Jews. Instead, they attack people like Ye and Nick Fuentes who are talking about this situation.

Weirdly enough, the next Timcast show Pool did was Timcast Episode 666 which featured the Jew Michael Malice wearing an Israel armband.

This was obviously done to mock anybody who is aware of the Jewish problem. Why else would Tim do this? There’s no way this was a coincidence.

As far as I’m concerned, anybody who is defending Jews in 2022 can’t call themselves a “conservative.” It is impossible to conserve anything so long as we have all these Jews running things who are implementing every destructive and insane policy you can think of.