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2 Oct, 2022 14:15

Nord Stream pipelines can be restored – Moscow

The process would be time-consuming and costly, according to Russia’s deputy PM
Nord Stream pipelines can be restored – Moscow

Russia may be able to fix the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which were damaged earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak said on Sunday.

There are technical possibilities to restore the infrastructure, it requires time and appropriate funds. I am sure that appropriate opportunities will be found,” Novak told Russia 1 TV.

According to the official, however, the first step should be to determine who is behind the incident.

As of today, we proceed from the fact that it is necessary, first of all, to figure out who did it, and we are sure that certain countries, which had expressed their positions before, were interested in it. Both the US and Ukraine, as well as Poland at one time said that this infrastructure is not going to work, that they will do everything to make sure of it, so, of course, it is necessary to seriously look into it,” Novak stated.

Citing German security services, Der Tagesspiegel newspaper earlier reported that the damaged routes could be permanently out of use if they are not repaired quickly, as salt water could cause corrosion.

The Danish authorities reported leaks on both the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines on Monday after a local pipeline operator noted a loss of pressure following a series of undersea explosions in the area. The Danish Energy Agency reported earlier on Sunday that the pressure on the Nord Stream 1 is stable and the gas leakage is over, while on Saturday, it said the Nord Stream 2 also stopped leaking gas.

The incident is widely considered to be the result of sabotage. Russia has called it a terrorist attack. While those behind it have not yet been identified, Moscow has blamed the US.

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BOTH Nord Stream pipelines have suffered huge pressure drops

Update: It appears both Nordstream 1 and 2 are so seriously damaged that they might actually be destroyed. If that’s the case, expect major action for Russia and a complete winter disaster in Europe.

Both of them are sub-sea pipelines which makes me think the problems have probably been induced by American or Israeli submarines. Though an undersea route is very practical during normal times, in times of war it’s the worst thing you could possibly have because anyone can sneak up on it and cause a sudden “pressure loss”. Russia is far too straightforward to be the source of sabotage, if there’s one thing you can count on with Russia, it is that messages may be given subtly, but Russia does not play B.S.

Additionally, Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose with those pipelines damaged. Russia was still selling gas. Who wanted the dark winter? Who mentioned the dark winter? Who coined the phrase? and what is the loss of both Nord Stream pipelines likely to cause for Europe? Who wants the American dollar to be the prominent currency? The british pound did rebound to $1.10 after hitting an all time low of $1.05 but the trend is down, who would want that? Obviously someone who has everything invested in America. Like George Soros.

Who’s calling the shots? Schwab or Soros? I’d say Soros. First they’ll totally crash Europe while injuring the United States. Then they’ll totally crash the US also.

That said, Nord Stream 2 dropped from 105 bar to 7 bar overnight . . . . .

so something is going on there . . . . . rumor has it that it is leaking into the water off the Danish coast, HMM, would that be the work of an American submarine??? All the MSM outlets are now calling the pipeline “defunct”. So it is probably under attack and they are going to blame all the damage on Russia not maintaining it. Some outlets are still reporting that it dropped from 300 bar to 7 bar but corrections are being made, 300 bar is a nearly unachievable pressure. High pressure long range gas pipelines typically operate between 70 and 100 bar, I’d attribute operating at even 105 bar to the typical Russian tendencies towards lower safety margins. Example: How the Russian fixed the space shuttle in the movie “Armageddon” by throwing the service manual aside and simply beating on things instead. In the movie, that saved the day.

Russia has been well set up for a nuclear false flag

If anything happens, don’t believe a word of what is said on CNN and other outlets. I seriously doubt anything will happen, but I would be very suspicious if anything did.

Tucker Carlson is right: The U.S. is the one threatening nuclear war by suggesting it so much.

Every time you look at what Russia actually says, Russia is NOT threatening nuclear war, Russia instead says “do not threaten us because all options are on the table”. So hearing the U.S. claim over and over again that Russia is making threats means only one thing – that it is the U.S. that intends to attack, thus making “all options open by Russia” necessary.

When the U.S., via Zelensky, threatens to nuke Russia, that’s an “all options” prospect and what, did the U.S. smuggle nukes into Ukraine? Is Ukraine now a holder of U.S. nukes like Turkey? I would not be surprised.

Significant development: Russia mobilized 300,000 troops

But . . . . BUT. . . . I thought they lost them all in Ukraine!!!

Russia NEVER sent 300,000 troops to Ukraine and the linked MSM report states that this is a PARTIAL mobilization. So what happened to that “defeated” Russian army??!!?? A lot of people and pundits are saying Putin is threatening to go nuclear. I say not likely. Putin is simply reminding the West that conventional armies are going to take a back seat if he believes HIS conventional army will be wiped out. After all, when it comes to nuclear capabilities Russia can go toe to toe with anyone, and nukes trump convetional hands down. It makes no sense to build a huge conventional army when the only thing that can beat what you have is a superpower that has nukes, where you actually might win.

FACT: There will be NO NUCLEAR WAR until Putin’s conventional forces are defeated and he’s just getting started, UNLESS the West nukes first.

Author`s name Andreas C Chrysafis

NATO’s proxy war on Russia

“Russia is blackmailing us,” so declared the EU Commissioner Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen in defense of EU sanctions against Russia. She’s fuming at Putin’s decision to reduce the flow of gas into Europe but also at his demand for payments in Roubles! This was Putin’s retaliation to a Western coordinated attack against Russia for the war in Ukraine. Yet, those ill-designed sanctions have produced the opposite effect; they boomerang and are causing chaos throughout the energy-hungry Eurozone!

In fact, if the EU were a democratically elected institution or a private corporation, those responsible for such irrational sanctions would have been sacked for bad decisions and for bringing calamity to industries and hardship to millions of European citizens! Now they are trying their hardest to justify the goldfish syndrome by introducing more and much harsher sanctions.

Without a coherent plan in place the EU has in fact ensnared itself in a dilemma. The economic web they have woven to punish Putin has gone badly wrong and is out of control. Their hasty fixation to ignore Russia’s legitimate concerns about NATO’s military expansion along the Russian borders has ricocheted and triggered the ugly war in Ukraine.

The West’s decision to ignore pragmatism is hurting their economies and bringing the worse recession Europe has seen for years. The G-7 decision to adopt price capping on gas and oil to further hurt Russia seems just another one of those ill-advised decisions that will add further hardship on citizens and industry; all Russia has to do is to shut off the supply lines to the latest G-7 sanctions! Sanctions are meant to hurt those intended for and not for those that impose them!

Putin will obviously redirect the flow of gas and oil to China, India and the Iran markets of 3.7 billion — half the world populations – including other Russia-friendly countries where networks of pipelines are already in place! In this case, who is actually hurting whom? Russia’s decision to reduce — even shut down — the flow of energy to Europe’s 445 million population has sent the EU governments scrambling to secure supplies while the prices for energy are skyrocketing and boosting the Russian coffers.

EU member states are now seriously worried about how to cope with the immediate energy crisis during the cold winter months. Confronted by a barrage EU punitive policies the trapped citizens are bracing themselves for a miserable winter.

Meanwhile, there is a public outcry and citizens are starting to spill onto the streets of EU capitals demanding an end to the sanctions that are hurting their livelihood. In Germany demonstrators have already taken to the streets with slogans we refuse to pay for the war in Ukraine. As expected, a similar sentiment is developing right across Europe!

No sane person supports the ugly war in Ukraine! If President Trump or Chancellor Merkel were in government the conflict could have been avoided and certainly not escalated to the current war madness. Instead, Western leaders ignored Russia’s security concerns and forced Putin’s hand to mobilize his troops against Ukraine.

NATO’s delusion that Ukraine can win the war by providing a limitless supply of weapons and sanctions that would weaken Russia by hurting Moscow more than Europe has proven to be a fantasy. The mistake that somehow the world would also line up in support of EU-NATO’s proxy war has been totally miscalculated.

The war fatigue grows by the day and some EU states have started to resist further sanctions. They’d rather protect their own interests rather than NATO’s ambitions for enlargement! Turkey for example, refused to go along with sanctions while the small island of Cyprus did not resist but rather obeyed EU instructions to the detriment of its own economy.

The pretext that the Ukraine war is intended to “protect democracy” and repel “foreign aggression” and “autocracy” has been a strategic lie for years. The NATO alliance has used a similar ploy on numerous occasions by sending troops to:

  • Bosnia in 1991,
  • Kosovo in 1999,
  • Afghanistan in 2001,
  • Libya in 2011,
  • Iraq in 2004,
  • Somalia in 2009.

The killing fields of duplicity endure to this very day!

Yet, when Turkey — a long-standing NATO member — invaded Cyprus in 1974, NATO did nothing to stop the military invasion but turned a blind eye of convenience. It allowed Turkey to occupy 40% of the island; the displacement of more than 220.000 Greek refugees in their own country and the killing of 6.500 civilians. After 64 years of occupation the US including the UK — contrary to UN resolutions — have never officially recognized Turkey’s military attack as an invasion and occupation. Political double standards have become the norm!

NATO’s proxy war against Russia is now well established. The new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss publicly vowed that she would support Ukraine until Putin and Russia are destroyed and all land gains are taken back! Such rhetoric helps no one but simply escalates the war. Meanwhile the same rhetoric it’s being repeated by Zelenskiy and The Pentagon.

America’s appetite for conflict has also reached China! President Biden has in fact blatantly provoked China by sending Congress House Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan on a mission of solidarity to “protect democracy!” Such cheap slogans have now become a cliché and can no longer fool the world!

Pelosi’s visit triggered China’s retaliation with full-scale military exercises using live ammunition across Taiwan’s waters and air space. The situation is certainly volatile! If not defused, the incident can spark an all out war between Taiwan and China with NATO rushing to support Taiwan. In this bleak doomsday scenario, Russia would most certainly side with China!

Yet, for the past twenty-five years there has been peace, stability and a thriving trade between the two countries. That relationship has now gone up in smoke due to Washington’s plans to exploit Pelosi’s clandestine meddling.

As always, citizens are the last to know the real reasons governments decide to get involved in war conflicts. In this particular case misinformation and slick propaganda dictate the turn of events. Hidden agendas void of transparency seem to move in the dark corridors of power. Lies and bending the truth to suit has nowadays become an acceptable behaviour in politics.

Joseph Goebbels and Hitler’s Big Lie is applied today more than any other time before:

  • “Never allow the public to cool off;
  • never admit a fault or wrong;
  • never concede that there may be some good in your enemy;
  • never leave room for alternatives;
  • never accept blame;
  • concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong;
  • people will believe a Big Lie sooner than a little lie;
  • and if you repeat it frequently enough they will sooner or later believe it”.

The Ukraine/Russian conflict of half-truths intended to persuade world opinion actually forms a bigger part of a misinformation for convenience. However, win or lose the people in Ukraine are ensnared! Wars never destroy nations but debts do and the Ukrainian people are using blood for currency to continue a war of insanity.

Ironically, NATO and the EU have never admitted they are actually at war with Russia and prefer to “wash their hands” of employing actual troops on the ground. The reasons are quite obvious:

They are nervous of Putin’s response in the event he may use nuclear weapons against NATO member-states! Instead, they provide money, weapons and “advisors” including “military trainers” to help the armed forces of Ukraine continue a proxy war of attrition.

Meanwhile, President Biden has recently given a stern warning to Putin not to be so stupid as to use any chemicals or weapons of mass destruction against Ukraine; if so the US will retaliate decisively!

In such cases, it is often questioned who is actually at war: the one that provides financing and weaponry to kill or the one that pulls the trigger? Determined to provide more “defensive weapons” to cripple Russia, the Western allies have in fact lost sight of the human tragedy unfolding in the very heart of Europe.

The fixation to punish Putin has now opened up Pandora’s cataclysmic box full of tragic consequences. In fact, they have unleashed Chimera with no idea on how to put an end to the conflict before it escalates into a pan-European chaos that would last for a very long time!

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