The first round of Brazil’s presidential elections were held yesterday. The Marxist Lula won over 48 percent of the vote with the right-wing populist and sitting President Jair Bolsonaro winning a little over 43 percent of the vote. The two will face each other in a runoff at the end of the month.


Bolsonaro was leading throughout much of the night but was overtaken at the end. It is hard to believe that Lula who was previously put in prison because of money laundering and corruption won 48 percent of the vote.

Initial polls actually claimed Lula was going to win outright to avoid a runoff but these proved false.


It would not surprise me if there was massive amounts of fraud being deployed to try and depose Bolsonaro. This angry woman is 100 percent convinced that if Lula eventually wins, that it will be because of fraud.


She’s probably right. Bolsonaro has held massive rallies.


If Bolsonaro loses in the next round through fraud, he should do what Donald Trump didn’t do and deploy the military to seize control of the government.

Democracy is a hoax form of government any way. It has done nothing good for the world. It has only produced Jewish wars, endless faggotry and child trannies. Demolishing democracy would be a step forward for Brazil and the world in general.

Comment:  The U.S. election and now this one proves that Democracy is a Fraud.  We have appointees of the Rothschilds/British Empire NOT Democracies.  These trumped elections are ALWAYS A WIN for the Jewish Mafia/CABAL That Rules the United States with an Iron Fist.  And Yes the British Royals are Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Jews who speak German and are not even native British.