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The high rents and home prices are an act of war.

Who’s causing that? Well, I’ll explain what is going on with that – the high prices that make it MANDATORY to pay people exhorbitantly are an act of war that is being waged via zoning ordnances (the freemasons) high rents and property prices (the Jews so they can milk financing and more,) and mega fuel and utility prices (the WEF). The sole reason for this is to force Americans to be paid exhorbitant amounts of money, which is subsequently stolen via taxes (to feed the war machine) and also stolen via the same high rents, fuel prices and utility prices for ONE REASON: To soak the last of the wealth out of the United States so the Jews and “elites” can spend it elsewhere where the people can live on 10 percent of an American wage to the same standard of living simply because they are not being robbed.

What does it take to drop the price of a home by 90 percent? even 98 percent? It’s easy: Drop zoning laws and leave people alone. Remember the good old days with Adobe houses that anyone who manages to find now will be thankful for because they are so comfortable and stay warm without heating and cool without air conditioning? THOSE ARE FREE. Only labor, and they are so easy to build anyone can do it, and they stand without much maintenance for 200 years. Who changed that over to shitty stick built crap that needs constant maintenance, costs a fortune to build and a fortune to cool because they are just wooden boxes that heat up instantly in the sun, and freeze instantly in the cold – WHO DID THAT? Find the answer, and you’ll discover exactly who the enemy is. Can’t pull off a “dark winter” when everything is adobe!! You would not freeze out jack.

And if you did not want Adobe, stick built could be done for 10 percent of the current prices just by dropping zoning laws and building codes and leaving people alone. So what if they build a tree fort quality house? Is it liveable? That’s the only question that should be asked, and even at that, that question should ONLY be asked by the buyer if the house is ever sold. That’s what a free country is, where the **** did America go? Initially the codes and zoning did have a purpose, but in this day and age, they are nothing but a platform for robbing people of every last dime they can dig out of the cracks.

There is little chance America will ever be rescued from this situation – Because the property values have been forced to such unreasonably high levels that the zoning laws and building codes HAVE TO stay in place just to prevent the “value” from being ripped out from underneath those who have paid so much into it. America is pretty much stuck where it is, and it took over 100 years to get there. History has been erased as far as what homes once were, at one time they simply were put up in a week or so and served the purpose fine, they were not a life draining investment. When World War 2 vets returned, the average home price was $2,000 dollars, they were stick built and could usually be paid for in cash, or paid off in two years. That left so much expendable cash that America did nothing but prosper. Who changed that and why? Answer that question, and you’ll know who the enemy is, none of the current situation happend by accident.

So that’s probably the majority of my contribution to alt media for the day, I’ll certainly check throughout the day for anything new that happens to break through. If they are going to use an AI to expunge every last decent meaningful truthful news item from the web that has not already been posted 500 times it’s just going to have to be like this when necessary. It’s not totally unmanageable but it does leave me asking what the hell is actually going on out there.

We all know Biden has gaffes, how many more do we need?

We all know the vax is a killer, how many more embalmer’s reports do we need?

We all know about the federal reserve not being federal, how many more reports do we need?
We all know we are being tracked, hacked and sold out . . . . need to hear THAT again??

Ditto for so much more, where are the reports about the latest Hillary killing? The latest sellout? The latest election theft? The latest random whistleblower item no one ever knew about, that will actually impact our lives, presented accurately? All of it is getting buried. The news is simply not the news anymore.

Comment:  Secret Society Satanists are behind them and they were created and answer to the Jewish Mafia whom we dare not criticize.

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