The Big Problem Our Jewish Media Has With Putin is He Will Not Go Along With A Jewish Satanic New World Order; The Royals Are JEWS by the Way

After cutting power to Ukraine to prove it could be done, Putin put the rhetoric in overdrive

He’s calling out the West big time, saying it’s not going to be a unipolar world order run by Jews. He has the full backing of China also. However, with Soros saying he owns China one must wonder about Putin’s “prior” involvement and membership in the WEF. I would not be too sure there’s any legitimacy in this at all.

However, real or not, if it serves to convince the public that this line of thought is what sparked World War 3, it will be mission accomplished.

Many people will not be able to view the RT link, I can’t do anything about that right now because I can’t do a capture of it right now (like I usually would).


55 seconds of Biden’s speech, where he is slamming Republicans for violence, overlayed with prime scenes of BLM violence. That video calls Biden RIGHT OUT, a perfect job of showing what a liar he really is.

Congressman Tim Ryan: We have to kill and confront “extremist” Republican movement”

He thinks it is unreasonable to have to negotiate with conservatives and wants them wiped out so he can instead negotiate with leftists who wear the Republican badge, and will “communicate on more reasonable terms”.

This is exactly the type of thing I have been warning about lately, they are trying their damndest to marginalize the probably 130+ million (not 80 million) Trump voters so it will be more palatable for leftist extremists to physically eliminate them. This type of talk is part of every Communist revolution – you know, the type that literally always gets completed with a genocide.

The warning signs are there. Are people going to see them this time???


“As the soviet empire collapsed, I moved in and picked up the pieces. First in Hungary, then in poland, then in China and this is how the Soros empire is replacing the soviet empire.”

He left out his later endeavors that are still in progress but he’s at his full age in this video, it is not old stuff.

Silly and petty: Britain asked all world leaders to fly commercial airlines to the funeral

To help fight climate change!! ANSWER: Hell no, they’ll take their own state aircraft and charters where needed.

Opinion: Just because Russia made power and communications outages in Ukraine temporary does not mean it was not serious.

Mike Adams and a few others got pretty worked up about it, and they are right. If you ever wanted a warning shot fired before World War 3, cutting ALL of a nation’s power off, PLUS ALL of their communications off, including Starlink for any length of time at all only means one thing:

Russia sent a message, a very clear message that they have been playing nice all along, and as soon as Russia sees fit, they can simply black out countries. Nice of Russia to not actually destroy anything serious to accomplish this, but it was still done and it represents a MAJOR escalation.

Now we have Russia cutting off gas and proving they can cut the power too. What if they expand that to all of Europe, stacked on top of a gas outage? I don’t think people realize how serious this is and just how well positioned Russia is to totally kick butt this winter. Russia could, and you can surely bet Western governments are going to blame Russia for the problems, not their policy and most of all the fact that the gas only got cut because the governments of those countries did not pay the bills.

Russia is NOT being aggressive here, the European governments are being aggressive by NOT PAYING BILLS, after the citizens paid them to pay the bills IN FULL.

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