Donald Trump is Part of the CABAL or Crime Ring/Secret Society Satanist

Video Credited to: Wake the Sheople

-Attended a Jesuit school
-Trump Tower is a symbol of the Mysteries and he lived on the 66th floor, in 33,000 square feet
-Bailed out by the Luciferian bankers

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Trump was happy to announce that we will finally complete the BIOMETRIC ENTRY/EXIT VISA TRACKING SYSTEM.
Like I’ve said, Donald J Trump is tasked with ushering in Beast number 2, THE CONTROL SYSTEM.
This coupled with the framework of WarpSpeed Will enslave us all.
He even partnered up with GAVI aka Bill Gates on this one, TRUE STORY.
It’s called TrustStamp, and guess where this Mark I mean “stamp” will be placed??
He is NOT our friend.
What more do you people need to wake up from this, as Abromovic called him: “magician”
He’s a Luciferian of the Light World Order pseudo battling his brothers on the Dark side of Freemasonry, the NWO/Cabal.
It’s all Evil though and through.
Freemasons work in duality, but their version of “good” is Lucifer.Join @GuidoAndEscanor


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