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Stephen Shellen is a hero in our fight.

He is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, film-maker, playwright, and actor who speaks out against microwave harassment.

Like me, he is a targeted individual, whom the intelligence community has attacked through his children.

Stephen Shellen was kind enough to write me early in the development of this site, when I had fewer than 10,000 hits.  Now, it’s two years and two hundred articles later, and I have almost 800,000 hits.  It will be more by the time you read this.  They can’t stop us!

Ongoing microwave harassment serves only to inspire me.

Likewise, attacks led Stephen Shellen to fight back with his film, The Spark, which I recommend you share with others.

Stephen Shellen has generously put his film up on Vimeo, where, for a limited time, you can watch it for free.

Here you can read a critic’s review of the film, which is pretty cool.

What if your worst fears become your world, and no one believes a word you say” reads the poster headline for this beautifully crafted abstract art film  by Canadian Actor, Filmmaker and Painter Stephen Shellen.  With exquisite acting, cinematography and score, arranged in a non-linear narrative, Stephen Shellen weaves a visually stunning, evocative and haunting, depiction of life for those thrust into the front lines of the battle against the utterly surreal surveillance-state, imposed on America and the world, in the wake of September 11th.  If you thought you knew everything the Edward Snowden revelations revealed — you better think again….

As Stephen Shellen notes, resistance is heavily programmed into people.  We are all targeted individuals:  it’s just that some of us know it, some don’t, and levels of attack and defense vary.

For that reason, the film-maker recommends that people not introduce his work to others as something made by a TI.  Let The Spark sneak up on them.  Let them appreciate it as the work of art it is before you gloss it with the creator’s background.  

That’s a good idea.  So is checking out Stephen Shellen’s other projects, which you can do at his site.

We will never lose our spark.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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