Gang Stalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower

Builder Rejected11.6K subscribersSUBSCRIBESilent Holocaust — the whistleblower wanted to remain anonymous, at least as far as this interview. I’m not sure why, though he has a lawyer and is pursuing litigation. His website is still up with his real name and/or pseudonym, but I’m reluctant to share it. So I edited a ton and added some emphatic imagery. I can personally attest to at least some of what he is saying as 100% TRUTH as he confirms some of my own experiences and suspicions. Gang stalking, voice-to-skull and silent hypnosis are real. Most of this should be no-brain common sense to any “awake truther” at this point. What he may not know is how many professional musicians are involved as much as any private security employee or military (CIA, etc.) lackey. Satanists are not “professionals” anyway. More on that another time…

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Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program
Silent Holocaust
Whistleblower Testimony
By Builder Rejected ~~ October 14, 2017
Excerpts from live interview with private security ex-employee describing gang stalking, electronic harassment and mind control tactics.
(Name redacted by request)

I just want to say thank you to everyone. I’m sure you can imagine how difficult a decision this was for me to decide to speak out publicly and the support I’ve received has confirmed to me that I did make the right decision. And then, of course, it was very much needed given the severity of the problem that’s sweeping the country right now in terms of gang stalking and voice to skull. So I just wanted to take the time and say that.
Yeah, I began working at SIS, actually I have friends and family members who are military and military intelligence, and through them I had always heard of job opportunities. I thought about joining the Marines when I was younger, when I was eighteen. I’m 39 now so over the years it was something I had always thought about. Of course, after 9/11 so many jobs were created in the defense industries, Homeland Security, and what a lot of people don’t know about is within private security domestically within the United States. It’s a booming industry. It’s one of the fastest growing sectors for our economy as generally our society is being militarized. And generally that sector is being privatized. And as a result what you have is many, many corporations within the United States of America, private companies that are getting a lot of money from investors under the table to begin to set up what I describe as a security apparatus within and around the United States of America. And it is in that context that I heard of the opportunity to work for Security Industry Specialists, (SIS) in Seattle Washington. They’re a private security company that is headquartered in Culver City, California. And through a friend I heard that SIS was hiring. I heard they were hiring for security specialists and given my background in education, which is actually anthropology and sociology . . .most people don’t see how those two connect, but by studying human beings you can really do well within the intelligence industry and within the
security industry because it is all about learning how to deal with and talk to and communicate with, and ultimately from our perspective, secure human beings. And so it was through friends and family that I learned about the opportunity and I started off like everybody else as a low level security guard at minimum wage. I worked my way up through the company over time and eventually was assigned to executive protection and threat assessment, risk management. And just to tell you a little bit about that, what my official duties were was to secure personnel data and property of V.I.P.s that our company has hired to protect. So there’s a whole lot of training that goes into that, and I became a security specialist for SIS, specializing in executive protection, also risk and threat assessment to our clients. Our clients are the companies of the individuals that we contract out with and provide services for, and it was in that context that I became aware of what I describe as a social engineering program and a research and development program that was being carried out by SIS and our clients in Seattle, the Amazon Corporation. And it was through moving up within the SIS hierarchy and working with more and more people as I was assigned to more and more assignments, I became aware of the existence of this program, and then little by little over time I became aware of the extent of it. And it wasn’t long before I realized how horribly out of control it was, how downright evil it was. Once I began to realize that SIS was experimenting on
its own employees, my fellow security specialists, I was outraged. I later learned that my company was involved in a larger social engineering program that encompassed the entire city of Seattle. That aspect of the program was experimenting on the homeless population of Seattle, Washington who were housed in DESC (Downtown Emergency Services Center) facilities. And I later learned that they were indeed experimenting with Voice to Skull, Hive Mind, behavior modification technology that is frequency based and directed at a targeted individual to basically control their entire person.
(Chart at 5:28) Silent Sound Subliminal Mind Control
U.S. Patent 5159703
1 – Steady Tone, near the high end of the hearing range, say 15,000 Hz
2 – Hypnotists Voice varying from 300 Hz to 4,000 Hz and a Mic
3 – Frequency Modulator, Voice Controls Frequency
4 – Output is now, more or less, a steady tone, sounding like tinnitus, but with hypnosis embedded
5 – Brain can hear voice and understand; Ear only hears a tone or “buzzing/ringing”
Output can be via open air broadcast or piggybacked on TV/Radio signals
And it was by moving up even more, I became aware that this experimentation was going on against the general population of Seattle. And just the average man and woman on the street, upper class, upper-upper class, and even the flat out rich were having this technology used on them without their knowledge. As more and more information and details of the program were made known to me, I became more and more outraged by it, and I spent a long time, because I had many friends within the security company, and a lot of these people are great people, they’re very good people, not everybody in SIS is directly involved in experimenting on people, they’re not all directly involved in gang stalking. I never was. I never partook in that.
But I did partake in training that deals with tactics and protocols that are used normally for surveillance and counter-surveillance, but within that is all of the information and the know how that you need to be able to gang stalk and that is, in fact, what they’re doing. So over time I became outraged and I tried to play my cards right and wait for the right moment, and when I really just couldn’t tolerate it anymore, when I found out just how out of control it was, I decided to object to my superiors in person. But within SIS specifically, what happens is they’re experimenting on their own employees. It’s a long story and I’ll try to get through it quick.
(Chart at 7:00)
The Reality of the Organized Crime of Gang Stalking is a Criminal Racketeering Psychological Operation Run by Criminal Elements of the United States Air Force
U.S. Air Force Satellite Psyop Harassment Torture and Terrorism
But, basically, people are selected from all over the country. We’re talking other cities all over America. They are selected for many different reasons. Often it is because they are isolated, they don’t have a lot of money, friends or family. And they also tend to be people that are highly, highly intelligent. The aspects of this technology that they are interested in improving upon have to do with cognitive processes. Processing information and as a result they want highly intelligent people to be targets of this program. They also tend to target people who are into alternative research, commonly called conspiracy theories, people that disagree with the government. People that are into researching things like 9/11. Also they are interested in people that are interested in technology. I have found a high percentage of targeted individuals to be people who are either interested in or have information on highly advanced technologies, usually having to do with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and Frequency Weapons. The exact kind of weapons that we’re talking about
here that are used in voice to skull and behavior modification that works. There are many other aspects to the technology. But once these people are selected, they will have the entire gang stalking/voice to skull run against them. This is detailed in my article. But they will be organized stalked. They will have career sabotage programs run against them to ruin their job. They will have character assassination campaigns run against them in their neighborhood. They’ll be isolated from family and friends as those individuals are turned against them. And they will be isolated slowly, and slowly over time, using the technology itself, as many of the people freak out understandably when they at first don’t know what it is, often times they end up going to psychiatrists, and a false diagnoses of schizophrenia, manic depression, delusion, delusional paranoid are rendered against them. And it turns out that’s a loophole in the law that they are using to take away a peoples constitutional rights, as once you are deemed mentally unfit to care for yourself, i.e., your depressed, delusional, paranoid, etc., they use that, the state or the federal government uses that as an excuse to come in and say that they have to care for you. So I would warn all targeted individuals out there to please do not go to psychiatrists and allow them to render a diagnosis against you because that is a dirty trick they’re using to take away the rights of people all over the country.
(Illustration at 9:00)
Murder by Injection
The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against Americ
By Eustace Mullins
Sigmund Freud
AntiChrist Devil
By Eustace Mullins
Each individual fits the general profile that I’m describing. So they’re highly intelligent. They are able to be isolated by whatever means. They normally have some sort of a “Free Mind” . . . . people that aren’t part of the crowd, so to speak, in the way that they think. They’re outsiders. What the government would call dissidents, revolutionaries or people that may be a problem.
(chart at 10:00) Good Organizational Diagram of Program
Tavistock Institute = T.I. = Targeted Individuals
Some Targeted Individuals have said that this kind of profile that all T.I.s fits is empowered individuals and I would definitely agree with that. But I cannot speak to how they actually identify an individual person. I think the general profile that I’m describing, if it’s the targets of this program, is something that is generated high up within the program. We’re talking at the Federal Government level. We’re talking at the highest levels of this social engineering program with scientists from all over the world. They’re looking at someone’s genetics. They’re looking at someone’s cognitive abilities. They’re looking at someone’s genes. They’re looking at someone’s DNA. They’re looking at people’s social situation. They’re looking at people’s career. I’ve been very surprised that so many PhD’s are actually targets of this program. And they are usually PhDs that have gone against the grain in terms of what academia normally teaches, usually within the fields of science and technology. And the reason for this is because the people running the program want to cover up certain technologies and certain aspects of science that can lead through to tremendous breakthroughs.
(Chart at 11:37) Cross Border Funding of Nano Technology Research – Countries that funded at least 250 Nano Technology papers from August 2008 until July 2009 and their collaborations
These highest levels of science and technology are the soul purview of classified sectors of our government and military, and as a result, it is the opinion that the American people do not have a right to this information and it is in the national security interest of our country to keep it classified. I will take this opportunity to distinguish between the larger phenomenon of T.I.s that is usually a person in America that is being targeted by the technology and is being gang stalked by members of their community and this specific program that I am whistle blowing on. The specific program that I am whistle blowing on involves the actual abduction of T.I.s from around America. They are put on a Greyhound bus and they are shipped to Seattle where they are made homeless. They live in one of the homeless shelters where they are housed and experimented on with voice to skull technology and then they are funneled into SIS to work as low level security guards where they are experimented on even more. So that is the specific program and that’s what I detail in my blog and in my web site. But because I am familiar with that program that utilizes the exact same tactics of gang stalking and the use of this technology against individuals, my knowledge on that program applies to
what all T.I.s are going through. It’s the exact same technology. It’s the exact same gang stalking tactics that are used against them. In terms of numbers I know that there are right now at least three to four hundred individuals in downtown Seattle that have been abducted from all over the United States, brought to downtown Seattle and are being housed in DESC (Downtown Emergency Services Center) homeless shelters and being experimented on 24/7. The numbers of SIS employees that have been experimented on, to my knowledge, which is in the dozens . . . that is all I have of direct knowledge of is about 24-36. Nationwide the estimates in terms of targeted individuals who still have maintained some manor of autonomy and freedom, and have not been brought to Seattle and enslaved completely by this . . . the estimates that I have heard are anywhere from one to two million at the moment. We’re talking about anywhere from full blown T.I.s who get the technology and are being gang stalked 24/7. Those are the estimates that I am familiar with. This is discussed very much in the open within SIS and with some of the liaison contacts that I had with DESC, Amazon, and then also with members of the military that are in a civilian capacity. One thing that you have to understand is that within the security business most of the people working there are ex-military and ex-intelligence operatives and many of them are still active intelligence operatives and have simply been reassigned to domestic duty
to work with the private security company specifically for the purpose of carrying out this highly illegal program that’s being run against T.I.s all over America. So full blown T.I.s, what I would call people that are getting the voice to skull, the frequencies and the organized stalking, I have heard that it is between one and two million and that could be completely off. But one of the things that I’m concerned about is the technology that is being researched and developed in Seattle utilizes emotion manipulation, behavior manipulation, without the gang stalking and without the voice to skull aspects. And so this use of the technology can be done very covertly to the point where the person it is being used against will not know that this technology is being used against them. And that is one of my main concerns and one of the reasons why I want to bring more light to this technology and to this issue because this technology could potentially be being used against tens to hundreds of millions of Americans every day. I mentioned in some of my podcasts how there are field effects where they will not direct this technology against an individual but create a general field of frequency in a geographical area so that everybody within that geographical area is feeling the effects of the technology. It’s more of a general application of the technology instead of an individual specific application of the technology. But when you consider that use of it and the fact that it is used for emotion and thought and behavior
modification, we can potentially be looking at many, many millions of people across the country that are under the influence of the technology today, right now.
The area of the geographical areas that I’m familiar with are limited to the size of maybe a downtown area of the city so that the frequency that is being emitted by the device will have an effect on a geographical location, let’s say downtown Seattle. And so what they can do is within this general field they can broadcast a frequency that affects human beings within that frequency field and can induce a general mood of happiness, sadness, anger, agitation, peacefulness. And in this way they can have an overall effect in the city. I have seen this done and it is remarkable how effective it is because you will walk down the street of Seattle and literally see people all in a bad mood all at the same time and they do not know each other. And then you go over a block or two to a different office building and you walk in and the exact same thing is going on there. It’s very, very concerning. So within that then, that overall bubble or area of frequency where everybody is in a bad mood they can still inject what would be an individual specific frequency to the targeted individual themselves, let’s say the homeless person in Seattle that’s being experimented on 24 agitated mood or the bad mood that everybody else is in and then they can be more further manipulated by the frequency that’s being directed solely at them.
MEDUSA = Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio
LRAD = Long Range Acoustic Device
NANO Implants PX67
Activate Paranoia, Fear, Pain, Confusion, Nausea, Memory, Panic, Sleep Attack, Lethargy, Sexual, Suicide
(Chart 15:30)
The Truth About Artificial Telepathy
Voice 2 Skull
(Chart 16:45)
Would this affect crime rates, auto accidents or other incidents?
Synthetic Telepathy Overview (Chart 22:20)
Absolutely, yes, that is what the people running this program have in mind in terms of application of this particular feature. It is to, or at least it can be used to induce riots, for example, or stop riots. It could be very, very dangerous and it’s a great
point that you bring up about traffic patterns and auto accidents. This is messing with the innermost part of human beings, their emotions. And so you can imagine how irresponsible it is to actually manipulate someone into being a bad mood and manipulate everybody in town into being in a bad mood. And then they get in their cars and they drive around unaware of their own safety, and other people’s safety is at risk. It’s a huge, huge problem and you can imagine the applications of this if anyone every wanted to start a riot, if anyone ever wanted to increase the crime rate. And then of course you can use it for the exact same opposite. You can use it to decrease the crime rate by making everyone passive. And that could have nefarious applications as well if you want people to be passive and not pay attention and not take action. It could be used for that as well, so the mind is boggled by the possibilities in terms of what this can used for. Your radio frequencies, microwave signals, the entire spectrum of radio frequencies can be used within a certain range to produce all sorts of different effects. So the way it works is that a device broadcasts a radio frequency at an individual and that radio frequency will hook up with the resonance frequency of the individual’s mind, or body, or, in this case, DNA. And what happens is that once the resident frequency is found in the targeted individual, and the broadcast frequency matches up with that resonant frequency, those two frequencies interlock
and they can be thought of as one frequency, or, one energy. And what happens is between the broadcast frequency and the individual that’s receiving the broadcast frequency, once they are resonating together, a super highway of frequency along which information can be sent is created, and so you can think of it just like fiber optic cables that you use to send signals over the internet to connect people to the internet, it’s the exact same thing only a wireless application of that. And so once you have connected the targeted individual with the frequency, and they resonate together, then you have a perfect avenue upon which to send and receive information back and forth. And that’s exactly how they manipulate someone’s thoughts, send voices into someone’s head. They manipulate their emotions. They manipulate their behavior. And then that’s also how they receive back from the individual in real-time the vital signs, the emotions, the thoughts, what the person’s seeing, what the person’s hearing. And then all that information is rendered on a computer elsewhere via software and it can be monitored and tracked in real-time. It can literally stop your own thoughts from happening and replace them with other thoughts by sending thoughts to your head. And it’s so sophisticated that you cannot tell where these thoughts are coming from. There is no way to discern that they are coming from somewhere other than your own mind. So you can how bad this would be for people who don’t even realize this technology exists and are
having these thoughts which they think are spontaneous because being under the influence of this technology now, kind of having been on both sides of it, I am just amazed at the way it works and I know that the thoughts they beam into your head originate from the exact same place in your minds that your own natural thoughts originate from. So if I didn’t know that I was under the influence of this technology then I would have no idea that anyone was influencing my thoughts at all. And that’s exactly what it can be used for. It can be used to sway people in terms of their opinion and to make them go along with a certain agenda. It can be used to turn groups of people or individuals against each other for whatever purpose. And actually this exact same technology can be used to not only influence the thoughts of someone but also the voice boxes of someone. And that came to mind because you mentioned a politician. I heard that they actually used this on George Bush, Jr. once, George W. Bush, when he was giving a speech because he could not remember his lines.
George W. Bush — State of the Union Address: “I have sent you a comprehensive energy plan to devastate communities, kill wild life, and burn away millions of acres of treasured forest.” “More and more of our imports come from overseas.” “Hobots save lives.” Joe Biden: “I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.” Headline: FOX Admits To Planting Political Brainwashing In Popular TV Shows, “Corporation
boasts of inserting political messages about global warming into hit shows like the Simpsons, 24, Prison Break, and Family Guy” 5.18.2009)
So that they will come across and deliver the message in the way that someone else wants them to deliver the message. So messing with people’s thoughts is really, really concerning and it is so advanced now that they can do it without people even realizing it’s being done. And the thing that shocked me about it is that it’s not being done in a secret military base somewhere. And it’s not being done in a controlled environment where people are being kept safe and separate. The test subjects are kept separate from the general public so that nobody gets hurt. The entire city of Seattle has been turned into a massive proving ground for this technology and it’s being done right out in the streets. It’s being used against people that are driving. It’s being used against people that are trying to live in a city environment with the congestions and all the people around that you have in that environment. So the potential for accidents and things that could get out of control and for people to get seriously hurt and indeed be killed by this is real and it’s happening all the time. And I think it shows not only how out of control this program is but how completely unchecked the research and developments aspect of our
national security structure has become. They are completely immune to any oversight, to any consequences, to anything that they’re doing. And I just could not believe that this research and development part of this program was so advanced and was so wide spread. And it was so out in the open in places like Seattle. I encourage anyone who is in Seattle, or near Seattle, go there, take a trip there and spend a week on vacation if you’ve got the money to do it, I would recommend it. And visit DESC. And visit SIS at 1415 Western Avenue, Seattle Washington. Visit Amazon. Visit the Apollo, Nesi, Crickett, Big Foot Buildings. Visit these places and begin to look around and observe, especially if you’re a T.I., that knows the symptoms of the technology because you’re an expert in it because it is being used on you. You know just as much as I do, well maybe not the version that I’m aware of being used in Seattle, but you’re getting a version of it, so you know what to look for. Go there and watch the homeless people. Watch their behavior. Look at their teeth as all the people. One of the effects, the TIs out there know, I’m sorry to say, is that this technology will actually radiate the teeth right out of your mouth prematurely and I know in Seattle and elsewhere, people are in their 30’s, they brush and floss every single day are having their teeth just fall out. Sometimes whole, they’re swallowing them in their sleep, they’re choking on them. This has devastating effects on the physiology of the
human being. But go down there and look. It’s signs are everywhere and you will be fascinated and your mind will be blown at just how out in the open it is. But, I’m sorry, in terms of other places, I am aware of Aurora, Colorado. When I decided to blow the whistle on this technology, this technology was turned against me, a massive organized stalking effort was launched against me, and due to my training I recognized the tactics that are used by these individuals and it is high up. There is a military intelligence aspect of it and I won’t go into that any further other than to say that the people who are after me or monitoring me are very, very good at what they do. They’re the best in the world and it’s one of the things that has kept me so busy and I’ve been unable to really tend to anything else in my life, even getting the word out, because I’m fending these guys off, fighting back against them 24 hours a day. But I eventually ended up in Aurora, Colorado right next to Buckley Air Force Base. And it turns out that this town as well is a major hub for this social engineering program. Aurora, Colorado is a town that has a large percentage of military personnel that live here. The adjacent base, also intelligence, families live here as well when they’re assigned overseas, this is where they would live when they were back on the home front domestically. And you can tell that this technology is being used on the people of Aurora, Colorado, many of whom serve in the military. And as I mentioned before, it is not only the general population of
Seattle, the homeless and T.I.s, but this technology is being used against military families, people who proudly and bravely serve their country and sacrifice everything so that you and I can be free. At least we were able to free before this technology started to be used against us. So it is here as well along with several other cities. It seems to be adjacent to military bases. I’ve heard this from a lot of people and I’ve noticed it as well. You have a massive Air Force base near you, Navy as well on the coast, there’s a good chance that some aspects of this program are being run at the adjacent military base and is being used on the towns and the people around that base. And I was not aware either of just how wide spread the security industry was in terms of its numbers and in terms of its power within the United States of America. A million personnel, just think about that in terms of standing armies. Look up some of the numbers on active military personnel in countries like Russia and China and the United States, the European Union and you’ll start to understand just how many one million people are and what can be done with that type of manpower in a situation like this domestically. So one of the things that I think is an advantage of the security industry is number one it’s private. If you were going to roll out an army of gang stalkers across the United States to mess with people, to track people, to surveil people, to follow people and to make their lives a general hell to live every day, then you would have
to do it covertly. Do it in a way that is not noticeable to the rest of society. And, in fact, the tactics that are used by private security companies and gang stalkers at large are specifically designed to avoid detection, not from the targeted individual, but to avoid detection from the general public. And so it’s a very interesting surveillance situation. It fits right in with other surveillance situations where they want the targeted individual to know that they’re following them. And so in a normal surveillance situation you do not want the person you’re following to know that you’re following them. They actually want the T.I. to know they are being followed because it has the maximum psychological impact, while at the same time, they need to do it in a way that your neighbors and your friends and your co-workers and your family do not know that they are doing this to you because the entire point of the program is to convince everybody else that the T.I. is crazy. They need to surveil you and gang stalk you in such a way that other people don’t notice that they’re doing it. And so what happens is I was actually with a friend when we were driving from Seattle and I decided to leave. It was one of the last friends that I was able to have before this massive organized stalking campaign completely destroyed my life and now I am completely isolated as well. But I was driving with a friend and we were being followed by people, obviously gang stalkers and military intelligence, in my case. But they drive in regular vehicles.
They’re in modern trucks, SUVs, sedans, every kind of car. Many of them are Chevys. I think a lot of TIs have noticed this as well. I think Chevy has some kind of deal with these security companies. And I know, for example, my security company purchased most of their vehicles from a particular car company. So these are some of the things I notice, but we’re being followed by these people and what they will do is, the otherwise unmarked car will have military stickers on it. They’ll have license plates that say Air Force. They’ll have stickers that say Marine Corps or Army. Generally the personnel will fit a description. A lot of the time they’ll have tattoos, a lot of them are young, a lot them appear to be very young, maybe a military type of a look only with a kind of a gangster type of a vibe to them. And I think that’s for the purposes of intimidation. And I know that is one of the psychological aspects what I learned at SIS in terms of gang stalking is the image you’re projecting is very important. It is scientifically planned down to the very last detail to have a very specific effect on the target. (32:50)
(Chart 29:09) U.S. Air Force Satellite PsyOp Harassment Torture and Terrorism
The Reality of the Crime of Organized Gang Stalking is a Criminal Racketeering Psychological Operation Run by Criminal Elements of the United States Air Force
But anyway, we’re driving and we see all these cars around us and they all have Marine Corps and Air Force, and my friend said, “Is that the Air Force following us?” “Is that the Marine Corps following us?” “Are these people military?” And it’s a very good question and they’re trying to give that impression that who is following you is active military. And, of course, that’s not the case at all. They’re private security contractors, or they are at least intelligence operatives that are operating domestically under the cover of being a private security contractor. And the reason they put those stickers there is to give the impression they’re military. And so what you have a lot of times, the way they get license plates that say Air Force engraved on them is that they are former Air Force. They way they get some of these insignias on their car, they are former Marines and they’re now retired. And then after active duty a lot of them need jobs and they are being hired by the thousands each and every day to staff private security companies all over the country. And private security companies and private investigators, what they do is investigate, surveil, they follow and they carry out covert intelligence and investigative operations domestically in a way that can’t be detected; the perfect way to carry out gang stalking operations against TIs.
Blackwater, Pinkerton (Pinkertons National Detective Agency “We Never Sleep”), Dyncorp (Security Protection), GAS
And the number one rule in intelligence work and in security work in terms of surveiling the public is to remain undetected. And so in terms of a profile they go out of their way to hire people of diverse ethnic backgrounds . . . . each gender, all ages ranges, more or less. There is obviously limitations if you’re too old to be able to follow people on foot. But I’ve noticed that a lot of the mobile details, mobile assignments, will be carried out by the more elderly private security contractors because they can’t be operating in an inner city, walking up hills, and so forth . . . people with disabilities as well cannot do that so they will be mobile units, static and mobile units are the two basic units that you have within private security and they’re assigned to different assignments. But, yeah, as far as the profile they are ex-military, they are ex-intelligence. Many people like myself have no ties to that but they start off low in the company as a security guard, maybe executive protection, maybe risk threat assessments, maybe they have an IT background so they get in that way and then they’re trained little by little to be led into the gang stalking and kind of the covert aspect of the company, which is involved in this social engineering program domestically to target TIs.
And so what you have is, in terms of a street gang stalker, the kind of people that will have constant contact with the TI on a regular basis for the purpose of being known as gang stalkers to the TI, they will have a certain profile physically. The men will
often be very strong, they’ll work out, they’re buff, for lack of a better term, they will have a generally intimidating demeanor, although when you talk to these people, of course, they can be completely nice, very, very decent people . . . most of them. They’re doing their job and I don’t think there’s any way they have to get out of it. Because they all know that if they come forward and they say something, then they’re going to get gang stalked as well. And, unfortunately, I’m proving that by the way that I’m being targeted and gang stalked, and the technologies are being used against me. But this is the general appearance that they get. (36:30) So it’s to be intimidating. And there’s a very fine line between the military intimidation of what you would call a gangster or a thug intimidation and both aspects, of course, are there on purpose. And gang stalking has been designed specifically to have both aspects there. They want you to believe that your country hates you. They also want you to believe that you’re in great danger all the time. And the thug gangster aspects of the vibe that they’re giving off is very specifically for that reason, and so you can start to see how psychologically this is going to have an effect on someone very, very quickly. They’re under the impression that the military, their own government, and then a bunch of thugs, are following them around the country. It has a devastating psychological effect.
There is a precedent, I will say that I’m aware of, for hiring people that will display a certain moral ambiguity concerning certain issues. For example, within certain private companies in the Seattle area, there are a lot ex-LAPD. In fact, when the Rodney King riots went down and a lot of the scandals went on in Los Angeles, the LAPD went through several stages of reform, and anybody from LA will remember this, and the people that were forced out of the LAPD ended up almost exclusively went to work for private security companies. So you can imagine the types of characters that ended up in private security companies when the LAPD didn’t want them anymore.
Also people that have criminal backgrounds are often coveted more for gang stalking kind of assignments. The reason for this is that they do not mind, obviously, mistreating other people. They have what could be called a criminal mentality. But it’s also important to note that despite the unsavory characters that are within this, the entire point of it is a “hands off” policy. And this is very, very evil the way they are doing this. I’m not in any way defending them. I’m making the opposite point. The “hands off” policies in place by private security companies, the gang stalkers, the Federal Government, and everybody else involved in this specifically, to have an excuse to say that we never actually physically harmed this person. We never struck them, we never shot them, we never hit them, we never did any physical harm to them. So everything that is done by this
program is meant to have a psychological effect. And the psychological effect is meant to complement the effect that the technology is having on the individual. So that they are brought to a place in their life where they are isolated, they’re broker, they’re unemployed, they have no family, they have no friends and nobody in the general public can track or trace that anything is being done to them because the technology is remote and it is wireless and there is usually no physical signs left on the individual that indicates that anything is being done to them. (39:41)
Chart (39:32)
How the Gun Feels, the closer to the source, the more painful the sound
Acoustic Device Mounted on a Van
Human Pain Threshold –120 decibels
Jet Taking Off –120 decibels (20 m)
Front Row of Rock Concert–107 decibels (50 m)
Subway Car—95 decibels (200 m)
Dog Barking—88 decibels (500 m)
How LARD focuses Sound
Conventional Loud Speaker
Single Electromagnet Drives Speaker
Sound Waves Travel in All Directions
Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)
Sound is created through an array of smaller drivers.
These create sound waves that combine to amplify output.
Their arrangement and the size of the device help to keep the array focused.
And the interaction with Gang Stalkers within the community, there is no physical evidence that any Gang Stalking ever went on. They are specifically instructed, do not slash anyone’s tires, do not vandalize their house. That is not the point of the program. The point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect and leave the minimal amount of evidence. And so you can see how this “hands off” policy, and this is a standard term that is used within the private security industry in terms of what security guards and what security personnel is supposed to do. In terms of a threat, we are supposed to maintain a “hands off” policy at all costs unless you absolutely must intervene physically or with use of force. And so that is kind of an industry term that has been adopted by Gang Stalkers as a “hands off” policy against the TI. So that, when that person ends up in a hospital, or ends up physically
deteriorated, they can’t turn around and blame the Gang Stalkers because they were never “touched” or physically harmed by them, even though all of the harm that is done to TIs is done by the Gang Stalkers, it is done by the Federal Government that endorses this program and it’s done by the technology, and therefore, the Gang Stalkers and the technology and the Federal Government is liable and responsible 100 percent for everything that has been done to the TI. (41:06)
Eavesdropping on the Mind (Chart 40:10)
Neurons attuned to frequencies of a spoken word are also activated when that word is imagined. Software can use this brain activity to reconstruct our thoughts.
Imagined Speech – “A new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to . . .”
Brain Activity
Electrodes record brain activity around the temporal gyrus
Brain activity from the electrodes is analyzed
Spectrogram Created
Algorithm extracts brain activity associated with different frequencies of sound and displays each as it occurs over time.
As each pattern of frequencies is related to a specific word, this ‘spectrogram’ can reconstruct the imagined speech.
Reconstructed Speech
“A new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to …”
Nobody advertises on Craig’s List that we’re hiring you to harass and torture people. It’s just not done. And I can speak personally for myself and I can speak personally for the people I work with at SIS that when you do first find out what is going on, you are disgusted by it. You cannot believe that this is what is going on. There is also a very quick, almost a peer pressure induced acceptance of it that causes you to say “this is pretty cool” and I am just being flat out honest with you about the psychology that is going on in these people’s minds. “It’s pretty cool.”
Live FOX News Story
“Killer Chip” can track and remotely kill a person
Germany refuses Patent to GPS microchip with Cyanide Dose
We’re part of the group, we’re part of the massive army of people that is going to be okay no matter what because we’re on the right side of this. We’re the people with all the power. We’re the people with ties to the Intelligence Agencies. We’re
the people with ties to the Government. We’re the people who are going to be okay no matter what because we are willing to violate the law and get away with whatever we want to get away with and our superiors and our bosses are as well. So as long as we make them happy and we do our job, we’re going to have a pretty good life. And I can tell you that this is exactly what has been done to people almost immediately upon the revealing of what is really going on. They are offered a series of incentives. They’re offered, first of all, acceptance into the group. They’re offered into acceptance into what will be the future of America, that you will be set, you and your girlfriend, or if you’re married, you and your wife, your husband and your children are going to be taken care of, you’re going to make a lot of money, you’re going to have brand new cars every couple of years, your kids are going to go to the best schools, and you are going to be connected, for lack of a better term. And at this point it does take on almost an organized crime feel to it, because what you’re dealing with are people that are pleasing their boss in order to do something that is absolutely illegal. They’re monitoring and harassing and torturing and sometimes leading to the death of American citizens. They’re violating their civil rights. They’re violating their human rights. They’re violating basic human decency. This is horrible stuff that is being done to people. And so you have to understand the psychological aspect that goes into convincing Gang Stalkers,
people that are part of the program, to do what they’re doing. It is in fact the psychological program that is run against the Gang Stalkers themselves is just as advance, if not more so, than the psychological program that is run against TIs. It absolutely is. And so what you have is this very intense psychological program that is run, in fact, one of the things that I’m not sure people are aware of, but I am trying cover this on my site because I have direct knowledge of it. Hive minds, Voice to Skull, Emotion Manipulation Behavior, Modification Technology is being used against the Gang Stalkers themselves and against people in the program and is being used to assist them in doing their job, specifically to take away their conscience, specifically to take away their empathy and their sympathy for the individual, for the targeted individual, so that they don’t feel bad. So that they don’t feel guilty about what they’re doing.
Newsweek (Chart 44:05)
School Children First In Line for Chip Implants
Police State: America’s New Way of Life
Plus the Banning of Email and Cell Phones
575 New Law You Better Obey
Freemason Police Crests . . . So? Who do THEY Serve?
The Truth Revolution is the Only Answer
Many times intelligent officers and soldiers are trained to get the empathy and sympathy out of their system because you’re going to asked to kill someone for us. You are going to have to go out on the battlefield and shoot someone and you’re going to shoot them just because we tell you to shoot them. And so a lot of the stuff that goes on in basic training in terms of training intelligence operatives is designed specifically to make sure that people will pull the trigger when they need to and stuff like human decency, love, compassion, empathy, sympathy and caring for your fellow human being does not enter into the decision making process. And so the exact same thing is done within the program, within the Voice to Skull Gang Stalking program, and it is done not only done not only by peer pressure and direct training but it is also handled by the technology that can manipulate people’s emotions to turn off empathy and sympathy, love, care and compassion and to turn on some mercenary hired gun mentality. And the reward for going along with this is you get to be part of the social group. Look at the TI and how isolated they are. Look at how horrible it is. Look at how sad it is. But look at the TI and how isolated they are. You’re not going to be isolated like that cause you’re one of us. You’re not going to be isolated like that because you’re one of us. These are your people. Look around at all the other Gang Stalkers. Look around at the military and the intelligence services of the United States of America. Look at the local and
state police. Look at the social workers. These are our people. You can date any one of these women that you want. You can date any one of these men that you want. Heck, we’ll help you hook up. You can come and party with us and go out to dinner and do all the things that people do together. And that TI can’t because of XY&Z. That TI can’t because of he’s on the wrong side of this. You’re very, very lucky to be on the right side of this and don’t you ever do anything to mess it up because you’ll end up right where that TI is. You’re not going to be one of us anymore. You’re going to be isolated. You’re going to be Gang Stalked. You’re going to be tortured 24 hours a day by the most horrific technology ever conceived by the mind of man and you are going to grow old and die alone. And unfortunately, I’ve had a self realization moment . . . That’s exactly what is happening with me. And I can totally and completely understand how that is a very, very effective strategy to get people to go along with being a Gang Stalker and to help people cover up this program. The entire point of this social engineering program that has been researched and developed for decades now, the full intent within the program, everything that is planned going forward, the day-to-day attitude of all the people is that this program is going to be rolled out nationwide and it will become the norm. Every man, woman and child in America will be under the influence of this technology. Every man, woman and child in America will be
one decision away from having Gang Stalkers turned against them. And the people making these decisions are not answerable to the American people, they were not elected, they did not pass any tests or go through any gates of admission or initiation to prove they were worthy to have this responsibility. They just make the decision and you’re a TI and that’s it. Every single man, woman and child in the United States of America will be under the influence of this technology (48:18) and as you can see going forward what’s going to happen is the dividing line is going to be drawn in America. And it is not going to be black or white, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, Jew, Gentile, religious differences or whatever, it’s going to be based on who is on the right and the wrong side of this technology? Who is on the right or the wrong side of this program? So if you are not a part of this program, there is a very real risk that you are going to become a full-blown, 24/7, Targeted Individual. And, this technology at that point nation-wide, will be used by automated Super Computer software programming that will manipulate the behavior, emotions and thoughts of everybody in the United States of America and it can all be done remotely. It’s very much like the microchip tracking, the New World Order, this entire control grid that’s supposed to be rolled out against the American people someday. And I’m here to tell you that it’s already here. There isn’t going to come a day where there are troops in the streets
and tanks rolling down your neighborhood, riot gear and all this stuff. You might have isolated incidents, it might get like that every once in a while, but the true control grid is this technology, Voice to Skull , Hive Mind, and Behavior Manipulation Technology and it can all be done remotely and simply by targeting you with the frequency, locking into the frequency, resonant frequency of your DNA and of your mind. And in that manner they can completely track and trace and control you 24 hours a day. (49:09)
(Chart 46:52) Diagram of Chips
(Chart 48:01)
Size of Chips and Where Implanted Under the Skin
Project: Soul Catcher by Robert Duncan
The World Order: Our Secret Rulers
Project Pandora
The Tavistock Institute
“Sigmund Freud Institute of Social Engineering”
Military Intelligence Section 6
(Chart 49:09)
1. Create a problem by arming and funding extremists to take down opponents by proxy.
2. Incite a reaction from the public by demonizing the same bad guys you put into power.
3. Propose a solution which involves a military intervention, the loss of liberties, or both.
The dividing line will be between the people on one side of this technology and people on the other. And so if you’re a gang stalker right now, if you’re in the private security industry, if you’re in the military intelligence, local state police community watch groups, what have you, . . . the reason so many people are joining into this, the reason so many people end up on that side of the fence is because it is the Only Game in Town. There is ONE SIDE and you’re either with us or you’re against us. And so, going forward, that’s exactly what I had to think about when I decided to make this decision. That is exactly what went through my mind
and that is why it took so long to decide what to do about this because you are marking yourself. (50:59) You are standing up and saying, “Hey everybody, look at me. I don’t like you. I don’t like your program. I’m going to do everything I can to get it shut down.” And I was fully aware the entire time, thinking about exactly what was going to happen to me. They were going to torture me. They were going to destroy all my relationships with friends and family and I was never going to be able to make a living again. And in my mind it just came down to the victims. It came down to targeted individuals all over America who were suffering every single day, who were crying out for help, who were curled up in a ball in the corner in their bedroom in horrible physical pain, in horrible emotional pain and nobody but nobody will help them. Everybody calls them crazy. Everybody says there is something wrong with them. Their family abandoned them. Their relationships with their significant others are ruined. Their kids are taken away from them and the homeless people in Seattle, they are now homeless, and they’re some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever known in my life, as I got to know them, and they have nobody to help them. Everybody calls them crazy. Everybody says there is something wrong with them. Friends and family abandoned them. Their significant relationships are ruined. Their kids are taken away from them and they
are now homeless because they have no way to get out of DESC because they are going out of their way to make sure that they can’t get jobs, and they can’t find homes. So if a gang stalker wants to think about coming forward, this is the try to save this country, to try to save the individual out there who is on the receiving of this program and is suffering and needs our help? And I’m hoping that by me coming forward, doing the best I can and surviving as long as I can, I will inspire others and give them the courage and the hope they need to make that decision as well and see if can start making some progress against this thing. (52:30)
What is going on in America today is exactly what you just said. Some people are getting recruited into this program and some people are becoming the target of this matrix system of technological and signal intelligence and human intelligence control of the individual and of society. And that is exactly what goes on no only within not only the private security industry but within the program as a whole in Seattle. What was done to me after I decided to come forward, the choice is very clear, you’re either with us or you’re against us. And all of the resources that they cut you off from when you’re a TI like I am now as a whistle blower, the jobs that you can’t get, the coworkers that you can’t make friends with, the relationships that you can’t have with
people. All of that, that you cannot have, are exactly what the gang stalkers are being promised if you join. That’s everything you can have and more. We’re going to give you money. We’re going to give you access to the finest women and the best drugs and the best connections and the best jobs and the best life that you can possibly imagine. You made it and this is your ticket to the top and you’re going to come to the top with us. This is exactly what these people are being told. It is exactly why this seemingly inexplicable behavior by your fellow human beings is happening. Because they are being promised the Sun. the Moon and the Stars. They are being promised the opportunity to be a part of history, to be a part of the ruling class, to be a part of a system that is not defined by an appearance of camo and military machine guns, the American flag and God Bless America and all this stuff that you associate with power in America. These are people that look exactly like you and me. These are people that are wearing their hats backwards and baggy jeans. They’re people that are dressed in modern attire. They’re people that rock the modern vernacular, slang. These are people that go to the same bars and clubs that we do. These are people that go to the same schools that we do. These are the people that watch the exact same videos on the internet that we do. They are like us in every single way. They are Americans first and foremost and
because the nature of this program is so covert that cover must be maintained at all costs. So this is why you see kind of this profile of the people that are targeting you. They do not fit one particular profile. If you’re in corporate America right now I can guarantee you that you’re going to get corporate gang stalkers. And that is the whole point of it that they have people in all levels of society, all ethnicities, all socio economic backgrounds and they can activate them one by one and group by group wherever you are in the country. And, unfortunately, if you’re on the wrong side of that you have no access to none of those resources and you are looked at as an outcast and as an outsider.
Interviewer: Okay. There are a few questions that I have. These people that are doing this gang stalking, they’re doing it on the pretense that we’re criminals, correct?
Correct. Real quickly. That is the premise that they use to assassinate your character amongst gang stalkers. Usually there’s no actual crime that has been committed so you’re not in fact criminals, but yes, that is the “why” that’s told.
Interviewer: I know that I’m not a criminal but that is how they get them to do what they’re doing?
Correct, yes, normally there is a part of the character assassination that’s run, there are lies, there are rumors that are spread about the targeted individual, and so in relation to the TI, all sorts of stuff is said about them and in every case it’s never true so I can testify as a gang stalker on that side of it that all the gang stalkers know it is not true, but it is used to generally degrade the character of the TI so that they’re looked at, in general, as a scumbag. You’re absolutely right.
TI Interviewer: Okay. And is that a production team that is in charge of that?
Absolutely. There is a command and control structure that is in charge normally of a targeted individual so that any elements of the program that need to be run in relation to the TI will be coordinated by a supervisor. And the supervisor will work with people that are in control of the technology on the one side and then the organized stalking or the street theater on the other side. So you do have a very stringent command and control structure. The one that I was a part of, of course, involved SIS, and SIS exclusively. But I have heard from others in general knowledge of the program that’s being run around this, this could involve people in local and state police as well as what I would call
intelligence operatives or assets. They are private corporations that do stuff like talent agencies recognizing talent like logistics specialists, technology specialists and then coordination specialists.
TI Interviewer: I just wanted to make one mention of something that is happening up here and it has to do with the police stations here are now putting in mental wings for the mentally handicapped instead of private institutions or something like that. I don’t know if that is happening anywhere else, but that was very creepy to me, so they will be in charge more or less. That’s northern California. That’s very scary. The question I wanted to ask is with the DNA, when you have somebody’s DNA, you can then realize the tendencies they have towards certain diseases. With this knowledge do you have any idea whether they’re planning or already are stirring up that particular tendency and creating that particular disease in that person?
Thank you. That was a great question and thank you for the input concerning the mental wings in the police station. Absolutely because that is exactly the pretext that they use a lot times as an excuse to target individuals. Obviously coming up with a false psychological diagnosis. So thank you for that. As far as DNA goes, in principal, in theory, what you
say is absolutely correct. Frequencies can be used to manipulate someone’s DNA and help to bring about what is otherwise a natural tendency within their genetics, so I can confirm that is true. And I can confirm that within the scientific research community, that is being done right now. There is DNA based research that is being done normally to cure diseases, but if it can be done to cure diseases then certainly someone with more nefarious goals in mind could use it to engineer diseases to bring things about. So that is a concern and one of the reasons we have to get control of the whole research and development apparatus of this country. The entire program, the way things are done in secret and scientific advancements are siphoned off for military and intelligence purposes first and then everybody else gets them.
TI Interviewer: So it isn’t being done yet?
Not that I know of specifically. I cannot say that I have direct knowledge of that. What I can so though is that Amazon has billions and billions of dollars invested in a program that is used to study just those things. So if we wanted to find out who might have that knowledge, researching Amazon might be a good place to start. (1:01:06)
TI Interviewer: I think you indicated that they won’t hurt us physically, or vandalize or sabotage our property but I’ve had all of the above. I’ve literally been systematically maimed through Workers Comp medical procedures. My entire back, my spinal column from my skull all the way down to my tailbone has been sabotaged. In fact, at a 3rd lumbar ESI procedure I was brutally forced under anesthesia, screaming for the doctor to stop, and when I woke up my entire back had been maimed. The muscles had been pulled off my back. I had injections throughout my back, my neck, my shoulders. Injections into my liver, into my esophagus. Prolific damage. I’m now disabled. Is that part of the government military experimentation or was I placed there? Do you think that corporations like insurance carriers or employers place their people into these programs?
Absolutely, yes. And I’m very sorry to hear about your condition and everything that happened to you. That is horrible and I can’t imagine the pain that you’re in. I do want to clarify in terms of the hands off policy. I’m in no way suggesting that these people do not harm people physically. I’m speaking about, obviously what is a general rule and a general outline that people follow. But specific people, they could very well cross lines and borders and do that sort of thing. In terms of the medical, this was done under surgery,
so it could be that the doctors that you were under the care of were very much not concerned at all with your well being. It sounds like they really messed up the surgery.
TI Interviewer: This happened over a period of a year and a half. It just kept getting worse and I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting worse until the last lumbar epidural. Even the physical therapist maimed me. But I had already filed a complaint at the California Physical Therapy Board which was completely treated with disregard and disrespect. So I know that the state of California is involved in my gang stalking and the crimes that have befallen me. But I’m also hit with Directed Energy Weapons. I get the dream manipulation, dream interrogation. By the way, the dream interrogation has been a lot about my medical history. Have I ever hurt my back before? How I was hurt at work? So that’s why either they want me to believe that my employer and the defense in my workers comp claim is behind this or I don’t know what because it sure seems like that’s what they want me to believe. I’m going with it, although I am a whistle blower and I blew the whistle on a previous employer a few years ago as well and he told me that he had friends in high places that could make my life very difficult. And shortly thereafter bizarre things started happening at my home and at other places of employment. And that was before I ever got
injured at work. I often say, God, I hope you don’t let me die before I know who has done this, who is behind all this garbage. I believe that my targeting is corporate driven. And we know that the United States is a plutocracy so it makes sense. And you say that Amazon offers up some of their employees as part of the protocol or the program?
Absolutely. They actually have dedicated entire buildings for the purposes of experimenting on their own employees and SIS employees. But, absolutely, what you were saying in terms of California officials, and them being involved, those are exactly the people that would be in the program and put in place to mess with an individual like yourself. So that definitely makes sense.
You want my supervisors name and guilty parties? Is that what you said? Most of these names are actually available, but I would name some of the people in SIS. Zimmerman, Breninger, Venturini, CEO is John Spesak. And the command and controls structure, as such, there’s a Dennis P Hatton that is Watch Commander that I’ve worked under. The command and control is such that the direct supervisor is contingent upon your assignments and this is one of the ways that makes an interesting point with how they compartmentalize the programs within SIS, and other
companies like this so that other people don’t find out about it. There is not a company-wide command and control structure. There is an assignment specific command and control structure so that when you are assigned to a specific assignment you have an immediate supervisor that you report to and that’s it. And so one supervisor might only be overseeing two or three, four, five security specialists at a time. And so you have all these little cells within the company that are completely cut off from each other so that the lines of communication and information do not flow between different aspects of the company so that they can compartmentalize and keep classification on certain information that they don’t want getting out. So I worked for many different people while I was there. I was assigned for many different assignments. But that was a very good question because it shows how it is organized.
TI Interviewer: You were talking about how they tried to make everybody into being a scumbag, but most of the people I have spoken with are women. There are women that are beautiful and attractive. There are women that could be your grandmother. And you say they make everybody . . . they come up with some stories. How do they hurt women, and grandmothers and kill people’s pets?
Isn’t that horrible? Well, first thank you for your time and words. And I do want to say that I have heard estimates up to 75% of targeted individuals are women and it absolutely breaks my heart because I can’t understand the mentality of men and women as well that would actually prey on and torture and abuse a woman, a single woman. It’s just horrible. These people have children, and you’re absolutely right, they’re tearing families apart. They’re doing it to children as well. It’s certainly completely out of control. But in terms of smear campaigns, character assassination, what they have is thugs and perhaps there are elements of this that even I’m not aware of. I am aware that my life has been threatened. I am aware that people have been killed within this program all the time and they bring in highly trained specialists to do that. They usually have intelligence connections. So in terms of the real dirty work that’s done, there are people within the program that are capable of doing that and they do it because they get paid a lot of money. And they do it because they’ve been guaranteed by the higher ups in the program that they’re going to get away from it. What I can speak to is the involvement of defense contractors in general. I have heard, of course, through people like Karen Stewart, Lockheed Martin, does employ organized stalkers of their own in 47 out of 50 states. I have not been able to independently verify that with my sources,
but it certainly makes sense. What I do know for a fact is, of course, defense contractors are involved in the research and development of the technology going back decades. And, if anybody wants to learn more, I would suggest looking up patents into things like Microwave Auditory Effect, the Voice to Skull, the Behavior Modification, Frequency Weapons, the Directed Energy Weapons. Go back to the work of Nikola Tesla and look on down the line throughout history to see who the scientists were that were working on this and then see the connections that they had to certain aspects of the Military Industrial Complex of our country. So defense contractors are involved. I am sorry though I don’t have direct knowledge of Lockheed Martin.
TI Interviewer: Are you aware of any antenna arrays that are doing the broadcasting? (1:10:24)
This is interesting. I’m glad you brought it up. This is one of the most classified aspects of the technology in terms of my knowledge of it and the average security specialist’s knowledge of it. You have things basically broken down into a technical department and what I would call a personnel department. The personnel department handles the actual monitoring of the technology and the gang stalking. You then have the technical side that monitors the infrastructure
for the actual building of the devices, and the cell phone towers. So I do not have direct knowledge of that. But I do know that it does utilize antennas, radar and cell phone towers. And I think radar, I know for a fact, is being used for military bases. I know some of the antennas are being camouflaged within buildings, other structures. They have entire walls and structures built around them to hide the existence of the antenna so you can see the effort that goes into covering up the locations of them. And, as a result, they’re the most classified part of the program. I do not know any specifics on that other than they are out there and they are everywhere all over the United States because this system is operational country wide.
TI Interviewer: You mentioned that the artificial telepathy people are connected to, the Hive Mind, with remote neural monitoring, that’s what we call the process of them hearing our thoughts and looking through our eyes. I want to know what you call it and my last question is do you have any documents that you could put online regarding this program that we could all access?
Absolutely. Yeah, thank you. Remote Neural Monitoring much of its name derives from security industry specialists so it is kind of like a street level slang that we use for it, or Hive
Mind, Voice to Skull, Remote Neural Monitoring, some rather coarse terms that we use as well that are very descriptive but not very scientific. But the Remote Neural Monitoring is one that I think is the main feature of this, that they are able to get the information from people. So that is aspect that I think is going to be used very covertly against everyone in the country, to read people’s thoughts, to see what they are thinking and then determine whether or not they are threat to the Powers That Be or the Power Establishment or to the individual motivations of companies or local officials or whatever it might be. Also, thank you for the information. I spoke with you earlier and I appreciate your help on that. In terms of documents, I do. I also have people that I am in contact with within the industry, potential allies that are sympathetic to our cause and are behind the scenes waiting the right moment, that are behind the scenes hoping that the general public will become more aware of this issue and will give them the impetus that they need to start to move behind the scenes to make progress against it. They’re a lot of people that are against this program and that support TIs but they’re in highly, highly classified positions. They are threatened if they speak out, and, of course, they have family and friends to think about. So we do have allies there and I do have documentation and I am planning on releasing it. I do not know when because I’m also planning legal
proceedings against the federal government and possibly my former employer DESC and Amazon. My lawyer is advising me at this point not to release that, but depending on how that goes, very soon I may be able to do that.
TI Interviewer: I have a question. Do you see yourself stepping up and testifying with some of the TIs gathering evidence to go to court?
Absolutely, yes. I would be willing to help anyone who is bringing legal proceedings against this program or against the government. That is my main goal in coming forward is to attack this from a legal perspective and I would be happy to lend my testimony or my efforts to anyone who is pursuing that goal.
TI Interviewer: Okay, one other thing really quick. Are you a victim of V2K?
Yes I am. I am a victim of V2K, Emotion-V, the works. I have got the beta version, I believe, of what is going to be rolled out against you TIs in the next couple years. My company was involved in a research and development program of kind of the next generation of Voice to Skull and frequency weaponry. And because I knew these people, I decided to
blow the whistle on them. They gave me the most nasty version of it. It is highly, highly advanced. It is one of the reasons I’ve had a lot of problems getting relief myself is because I’m dealing with something that is what only the military would have and know about in terms of its advanced state. So, yes, I am getting all of it 24 hours a day. I’m currently homeless. I’ve tried five other jobs since I resigned from SIS and I’m under constant torture, surveillance and gang stalking 24 hours a day.
TI Interviewer: What sort of things are you getting with V2K? What are they telling you?
That is interesting. The main one they repeat all the time is ‘Please be quiet (in not such nice terms) or we’re going to kill you.’ They tell me that everybody is against me. They tell me all sorts of stuff. One of the people, the lady who told of the state of California and all her medical problems where they messed up her back and the Voice to Skull was telling her that it was her corporation, or the company she was working for, I hope I get that right, but that’s what they do. They beam into people’s heads all sorts of things to get people to turn against each other. Turn companies against each other, turn individuals against each other. And so what they do to me I think is very similar to what I’ve heard from a
lot of TIs. They’ll turn TIs against their family, turn family members against TIs, for example, with co-workers and that is what they’re doing with me. They’re trying to manipulate me. They’re trying to turn me against former employers, people I used to work with, family members, friends, people I meet in line and it is just a constant 24/7 back and forth, “don’t trust this person” or “do trust that person” . . . “don’t you dare try to work again or we’re going to kill you” . . . “don’t you dare try to contact this person or we’re going to kill you” . . . “don’t do this or we’re going to slander you” . . . “smear all sorts of stuff all over the papers” . . . “we are very disappointed with what you decided to do” . . . They have been sending stuff into my dreams as well. It’s constant 24/7 and luckily because of my training, because I know all aspects are technology induced, and I have a bit of training in gang stalking as well, my response to it always is, number one, I know where it’s coming from, I know who these people are, so I’m not listening to any of it. I go out of my way to judge things for myself and make my own decisions. And when it comes to gang stalkers I just gang stalk them back. I’m only one man out here, but I try to take them on and fight fire with fire and stand my ground and just always try to maintain the status quo so I don’t slip further down into the darkness, so to speak, where they’re trying to put me.
(Chart 1:02:28)
Murder by Injection
The Story of Medical Conspiracy Against America
by Eustace Mullins
(1:12:18) They Tell Us In Movies
Being John Malcovich
(First It Controls Your Mind, Then It Destroys Your Body)

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