Kinsey’s Degenerate Sex Experiments on Babies and Young Children Connected to the CIA; CIA Crimes Include Murdering Children. Here is the Evidence.

Connecting“Sex Scientist”Kinsey with MKULTRA

The evidence to suggest Kinsey’s work was part of Gottlieb’s MKULTRA program, and the evidence to show many of these MKULTRA were funded by RF with funds sometimes funneled through an intermediary organization, is substantial. First, Deutsch’s LOOK  article has underscored Kinsey’s connection with locations known to host CIA’s MKULTRA experiments, such as Rockland and Greystone. Kinsey worked in these places with teams of scientists drawn from Universities associated with CIA MKULTRA initiatives. Columbia was identified as a locus of CIA operations by John Marks, a former CIA agent, in 1979.118 On April 17, 1980, the Columbia Daily Spectator  reported that the CIA had directed research projects at Columbia University in the1950s and ‘60s, sometimes channeling funds through “independent” organizations like the National Science Foundation. Kinsey’s involvement with the Greystone-Columbia Brain Research Project places him squarely in this fold. The National Science Foundation,119 as stated above, funded Kinsey. Also, Mettler, who co-led the Columbia-Greystone project and held positions of influence in each institution, acknowledged the help of Warren Weaver (leader of the RF’s program of natural sciences)120 and mentioned his gratitude for “a grant (M. H. 118) from the United States Public Health Service”.121 Wetmore’s research identifies Rockland as another nerve center for CIA operations. Although Karen was incarcerated in Vermont, as she explains in her report, the Vermont State Hospital (VSH),the University of Vermont College of Medicine (UVM) and Rockland State Hospital all worked collaboratively on the same CIA MKULTRA programs: During my investigation, I learned that the computer-generated information was a component of the Rockland Project. In the 2000s, I would learn that the Rockland Project, a $6.1 million dollar sophisticated computer network thatReport No. 94-755. Retrieved August 11, 2020 from: 116 See also Jim Keith. (2003).Mass Control: Engineering human consciousness. Free Press. pp. 60, 209 and 273. 117 Wetmore details her many FOIAs which have been met with stonewalling on the grounds that the information (if it even exists, which isnot admitted) is classified. (Hamsher. op. cit.). See alsoLawsuit Forces CIA Confession on MKULTRA Program. Steemit. Retrieved May20, 2020 from 118 John Marks. (October 31, 2018).“Marks, Former State Department Intelligence Officer.” New York Times.119 Wetmore. Ibid. L. 4118-9.120 121 Mettler. op. cit. L. 117.

Beginning at age thirteen, Karen Wetmore was subjected to horrific treatment in Vermont State Hospital and related facilities. Through years of investigative journalism, and numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, she was able do document that she was a victim of secret CIA mind control experiments as an adolescent, and of sexual abuse by one of her psychiatrists. Karen’s psychiatrists included Robert Hyde, M.D., who was cleared at TOP SECRET as the contractor on CIA LSD experiments conducted under MKULTRA Subprojects 8, 10, 63, and 66. Karen calls for an investigation into the nearly 3000 deaths at Vermont State Hospital from 1952 to 1973, when CIA money was pouring into the hospital. These deaths may have provided cover for terminal experiments conducted at the hospital.

 37connected to sites in several states, including Washington DC, was a project noone in the state or federal government wanted to talk about. (L. 932-4)122 The VSH-UVM research relationship with Rockland State Hospital includedsending biographical and clinical patient updates using the Rockland Projectcomputer data system. [They would] send the PAS123 of children at VSH directlyto John Gittinger at CIA headquarters in Washington, DC.124 Gittinger was, of course, on the CIA payroll. His work spanned several MKULTRA subprojects.Like Gottlieb, Gittinger was called to testify on the subject before the 1977 Church Committee. From1952 Kline, working with the CIA, was in charge of the research unit at Rockland State Hospital,which later became the Rockland Psychiatric Center.The connection between Cameron in Canada and Kinsey in Indiana has already been notedand both, it would seem, received funds through the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology(a CIA front). The(now declassified but with some information still redacted) CIA file “MORI ID:17467”, which details MKULTRA Subproject 67,shows that the Society for the Investigation ofHuman Ecology was funding research at the “[word redacted] Institute of Sex Research” at theUniversity of Indiana and that the appointed “Monitor” for this work was none other than Gottliebhimself.MKULTRA Subproject 67: MORI ID: 17467 Contractor: **** Institute of Sex ResearchContractor’s Clearance:?Location: University of IndianaYears: 1957CIA Monitors: Sidney Gottlieb and ****122 Wetmore. (2014). op. cit. L. 4810 and L. 4476.123 Ibid. “On December 21−22, 1965, I was given a psychological test by Dr. Donald Eldred. The three-page summary of that test wouldshow that the test was a PAS or a Psychological Assessment System. PAS was a specific psychological test created by CIA ChiefPsychologist, John Gittinger. The PAS was routinely used by CIA to learn how to compromise and exploit a person’s weaknesses. It wasused to “get at” people.” L. 751. [Note, PAS is the acronym for John Gittinger’s “Personality Assessment System”]. 124 Op. cit. L 4146.

 38Cover/Cut-out: Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.125 The records are fragmentary and relate to expenses for the project. One “Memorandum forthe Record” explains that, some of the work commissioned by the CIA included “Library searches,consultation and assessment and evaluation of data.”126 Since such prosaic work would hardly havecalled for the personal guidance of the CIA’s “mind control czar,” it is reasonable to assume that thisis an inaccurate representation of the work in fact being conducted; justas Deutsch’s description ofKinsey’s “interviews” was a cover for highly criminal activity. Although the record is dated 1957, thewording suggests that this is formalizing work and funding that has been ongoing, rather than workthat was being newly commissioned.When it is understood that Kinsey’s activities were orchestrated by the RF (which is clearlyacknowledged), and funded and protected by the CIA then the otherwise unaccountable failure ofthe CIA and/or the FBI to investigate Kinsey and his team is fully explained. Both agencies reassuredthe government that they were watching Kinsey closely.127 It seems the term “supervise” wouldhave been more accurate.The evidence supports the view that theCIA provided funding for Kinsey’s work (through theSociety for the Investigation of Human Ecology), arranged access to the children he needed forexperiments and ensured immunity from exposure or prosecution: Kinsey tortured (and possiblykilled) children in mental hospitals with the blessing of the CIA.Dr. Eldon Byrd, of the U.S. Navy, is quoted in 2001 on“Targeted Justice,” confirming that theCIA had perfected mind control from the early 1950s and is even now deploying this capability inways that are treasonous.Is Mind Control Possible? Absolutely. There is a mountain of evidence… Todaywe know there are technologies that can induce sound into the brain at adistance, can monitor and alter brainwaves at a distance, can alter behavior at adistance, can induce images into the brain at a distance, can target individualorgans at a distance. Can disrupt the calcium ions binding on individual cellsurfaces at a distance, creating pain and other effects anywhere in thebody. Mind control technology exists, without a question.128 The CIA perfected mind control by 1954. This fact is documented in de-classified files and has been published in numerous books. It is a startling factthat most people are unaware of. The CIA program that developed mindcontrol is called “MKULTRA,” and its experiments continue to this day. The CIAis using subliminal messaging, implants, and as well as secondary personalitiesto alter everything the selected human person does.Today, such knowledge, beyond the old-fashioned techniques of blackmail andbribery can be weaponized for use on vulnerable Senators, Congressmen, and125 “MK-Ultra &Mind Control.” 126 See image above.127 Both the FBI and the CIA had records on Kinsey, one seen in this paper later on.128 Targeted justice. Retrieved August 10, 2020; 

Guantanomo Tortures Done By Kinsey on Infants/Children!

No description available.

 39even a sitting President. These are acts of Treason against the government of“we the people.”129 CIA“Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”and KinseyWhen the CIA’s use of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” (EIT) on at least a hundred130 foreign terrorist suspects (2002−2009) was revealed to the public the news caused a scandal.(On the next page, a December 13, 2012 letter from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), of theSelect Committee on Intelligence to US President Barak Obama, enclosing a report of theCommitteeStudy of the Central Intelligence Agencies Detention and Interrogation Program).In the following pages we document a similar program to force EIT “responses” by Kinsey andhis medical, psychological, cinematic, etc. publicteam (below, 7 man team, 5 female staff) torturing~2,035 immobilized American infant and child captives).The public team’s work regalia was “academic,” not military but (as Section3 will show) theCIA was a common factor in the RF-Kinsey team’s child interrogations and that of the suspectedterrorists. While we know that“in at least one instance, the“Army” tortured a prisoner to death,”131 we do not know how many infants andchildren died as a result of similar CIAMKULTRA techniques employed in thechild experiments. Forced masturbationby self or others (as in the elided imageof an naked prisoner at right) was anabuse “pattern” of EIT programs“developed at sites like the GuantanamoBay… andat other “black sites” around the world.”132 Masturbatory abuse was also a pattern used by Kinseyet al. (above) to populate his child tables.Of 28 EIT variables, 5 (18%) werenot used  byKinsey (i.e.; no sensory stimuli, hypnosis, arrest,waterboarding, medical help). Hence, 82% of CIA EITand Kinsey EIT are of a“fit”.Of 28 EIT CIA torture techniques, Kinsey and hispedosadist colleagues used 23 EIT on ~2,035 children.Although the forms of torture employed arecomparable, their treatment has differed starkly. Thetorture of terrorist suspects has been exposed by themedia and (rightly) decried by the American public and129 Richard Lighthouse,, “MK-Ultra &Mind Control.” 130 Greg Miller, Karen de Young and Julie Tate. (June 14, 2016). “Newly released CIA files expose grim details of agency interrogation program” . The Washington Post . Retrieved June 16, 2016.131 April 30, 2001. 132 Ibid. PRISONS FORCED TOMASTURBATE FOR GUARDS 

 40officially condemned.133 To date, Kinsey’s outrages against babies and children have beencomprehensively ignored and shielded from official investigation. Kinsey himself has beenconsistently misrepresented as a hero to the American public. A major 2019 film exposing thecontroversial EIT investigation post 9/11 lamented “the lengths to which a brutal secret was hiddenfrom the American public” for nearly a decade.134 There was “notable derogatory information”about some of those assigned to the project who “had reportedly admitted to sexual assault.”135 Yetthe same “brutal secret” lies behind Kinsey’s “interrogation techniques”, practiced on up to 2,035American children136 has been hidden from the public for seven decades.How widespread was human experimentation in the US?Without an official investigation it is impossible to determine how widespread the use of theunsuspecting American population for MKULTRA experiments might have been. If informationcomes to light at all, it is normally fragmentary and decades after the fact.137 Such information rarelyprovokes the level of public outrage commensurate with the crime. Wetmore has discovered, forexample, that despite her exposé, the University of Vermont Medical school and the Vermont State133 “Article 3 prohibiting ‘outrages upon personal dignity’ and ‘violence to life and person’ and a ‘violation of federal criminal law’”.(22 Jan,2009).“The War Crimes Act.”  Report of the Senate Select Committee on IntelligenceCommittee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program Together with Foreword by ChairmanFeinstein and Additional and Minority Views. (December 9, 2014). p. 59. 113th Congress 2d Session. S. Report 113 –288. Cite is top.159. Scott Z. Burns. (2019).“The Report.” Video docudrama. Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s DetentionandInterrogation Program Together with Foreword by Chairman Feinstein and Additional and Minority Views. (S. Report 113 –288.  136 Reisman.Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence.“Chapter 7: The Child Experiments and male data from Kinsey”.Male Report. Chapter 5.137 OSS/CIA experiments in France. Mike Thomson. (August 2010). “Pont-Saint-Esprit poisoning: Did the CIA spread LSD?”BBC News. 23. 

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