Arrest Bill Gates!! Arrest Bill Gates!! Huge Demonstration in Vancouver.

Large Crowd Demands Arrest of Bill Gates at TED Talk

By infostormer -April 14, 20220

A large crowd of Canadians in Vancouver demanded the arrest of Bill Gates for high crimes outside of where he was doing a TED talk.

His TED talk speech was about his alleged plan to make COVID-19 the last pandemic.

COVID-19 wasn’t even a pandemic. It was hoax pandemic that relied on fake tests, fraudulent data and media propaganda. Gates was a key architect of this hoax and has all sorts of financial connections to people like Anthony Fauci and other top virus hoaxers.

Gates also has numerous financial connections to the global corporate media. He basically paid them to advance his manufactured virus hoax narrative.

Gates pushed this hoax so he could later push deadly shots on the public as the only alleged solution to the fake pandemic. He did this because he literally wants to depopulate the planet. He has talked about reducing the world’s population on numerous occasions.

It’s patently absurd to believe that Gates wants to save the lives of people from viruses while he has openly talked about the need to depopulate the planet. He hides behind this facade of being concerned about saving the lives of people, when his real agenda revolves around killing billions of people.

He is also pushing the climate change hoax even though he has purchased an expensive ocean front property in San Diego.

This pretty much just proves that he is an evil liar pushing a very diabolical agenda. The protesters are right to be demanding his arrest. He is literally guilty of a deliberate global genocide.

Despite all of this, Gates claims that he has no idea why people are protesting him. He does this while he refuses to debate people who have criticized him.

I mean, why not debate his critics? He could have done that at this TED talk. Any normal person who was falsely accused of a conspiracy would want to immediately confront and challenge the people doing that. Gates is not doing that because his critics are correct to criticize his obsession with depopulating the planet while pushing all these shots that have damaged and killed people.

Russia on Brink of Seizing Mariupol

By infostormer -April 15, 20220

Russia continues to make progress in Ukraine. Even the ZOG regime’s key media operations are admitting that Russia is on the brink of seizing the key Ukrainian port city of Mariupol.

The Ukrainian side is vowing to fight on lol.

They’ve pretty much lost. 1,000 on the Ukrainian side were forced to surrender a few days ago.

Mariupol was the headquarters of the Azov Neo-Nazis so it is possible many of those who surrendered were from that group.

What’s insane is that we continue to see the ZOG regime pretend as if the Ukrainian side can win the war. Pretty much everything being posted on Twitter is anti-Russia atrocity propaganda, lies and other nonsense about how Ukraine can still win.

Outside of NATO launching a full invasion and kicking off a third world war, it just isn’t possible for Ukraine to win. Their military power has been decimated and the equipment that is being sent in from the West is being destroyed or seized by Russian forces or in some cases being sold for profit.

Comment: Russia is with the BRICs coalition of nations who want to BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE and PULL THEIR PEOPLE Out of POVERTY. Why Doesn’t the United States Join??? We always Say We WANT infrastructure. So what’s stopping us from making alliances to BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE???

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