Statements from Russian sources and the USA State Department now acknowledge that there WERE (thanks to Putin, they are no more) Biolabs located in Ukraine.

Comment: US is a colony of the ZIONIST British Empire. This Empire declared Russia an enemy around WW2 and was secretly undermining Russia in every way it could since then. We are the true Enemy of humankind supporting this EVIL empire!

Tucker Carlson’s Reminder: ‘It’s not Russian Disinformation, US Defense Dept funds Biolabs in Ukraine!’

Beverly Ann Wood  Thursday, 10 March 2022  295 Hits  1 Comment

 Tucker debunks false claims by US Defense Department! 

Someone needs to explain why there are dangerous biological weapons in Ukraine.”

The liar and thief, Biden, cannot dance fast enough to hide the acts of treason this current administration is caught in. These deepstate weasels have no recourse but to continue to lie or admit defeat. Every person involved in Biolab affairs is up to their eyeballs in traitorous ways, as well as being in bed with Big pHARMa, the fake news media, and 100’s of corporations around the world. 

This is not the first time the US Defense Dept has been caught with their britches on fire and stuck down around their ankles. Still, it is the first time millions of Awakened Digital Soldiers (yes, you can call us anon’s) are declaring the reality of the Biolab grand lie, saturating every social media venue worldwide with divine truths. 

 WE ARE THE NEWS NQW! Pepe the Frog is a humanoid frog cartoon character who became a popular internet meme in the early 2000s, and quickly became a unique symbol for Digital Soldiers of the the current Great Awakening.

Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on March 9, 2022—see the full video below—reviews all the evidence presented by Russia, which is being summarily refuted by the US government about the Biolab’s reasons for existence and their threat to Russia. 

Since before the Stolen 2020 Presidential Election, we have long known that the deepstate controlled Democrat leaders and their buds, the compromised corporate media, could not be trusted. The plandemic further proved how far they go to deceive the masses. 

Now we have multiple US-funded Biolab facilities in Ukraine that the Biden administration is falling over itself to cover up. How much more proof is needed before We the People end their reign of terror?

Tucker Carlson took a pass on doing stories about anything true or false regarding Ukraine Biolabs due to all the mixed messages, until, as he says:

“…we happened to tune in to a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Toria Nuland was testifying, so we were interested. Nuland was one of the people who brought us the Iraq War, never apologized for that, and kept getting promoted because that’s how DC works. Toria Nuland is now Joe Biden’s Under Secretary of State in charge of Ukraine, and she knows a lot about Ukraine.”

Thank you, Senator Rubio, for pointing out the elephant in the room:

SEN. MARCO RUBIO: Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?

VICTORIA NULAND: Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, In fact, we are now quite concerned Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of. So, we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.


How about that! Finally admitted after days of failed coverup. Tucker sums it up this way: 

“Does Ukraine have biological weapons? Ugh, Ukraine has biological research facilities. What? You mean secret bio labs like the secret bio labs that Ukraine definitely doesn’t have? Ukraine has those? Yes, it does. And not only does Ukraine have secret bio labs, Toria Nuland said, whatever they’re doing in those labs is so dangerous and so scary that she is “quite concerned” that the so-called research material inside those bio labs might fall into the hands of Russian forces.”

When the shock of this wears off, Tucker goes on to ponder the reasons: 

“Why would we fund something like that in Ukraine, and why didn’t you secure the contents of these bio labs before the Russians arrived as you knew they would? And then why did you go out of your way to lie to the American public about all of this? If the “research materials” in these labs were to escape somehow and you seem very concerned about that, what would be the effect on Ukraine and then on the rest of the world? How can we prepare for the consequences of that, this thing that you’re worried about? Shouldn’t we be preparing? 

He knows the answer:

“Because as it turns out, we’ve just spent the last two years living with the pathogen that began in another foreign bio lab funded by the United States government secretly.”

What Tucker calmly states next is the reasoning factor that he so calmly injects into what looks like unreal situations:

“OK, just get a pen. It’s a classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy, what they are planning to do themselves. That’s what Toria Nuland said. We almost laughed out loud. So, what you’re saying, Toria Nuland, if, for example, you were funding secret bio labs in Ukraine, but wanted to hide that fact from the people who are paying for it, in whose name you were doing it, then you might lie about it by claiming the Russians were lying about it. In other words, you might mount a disinformation campaign by claiming the other guy was mounting a disinformation campaign. Is that what you’re saying, Toria Nuland? It’s pretty funny.

“What’s not funny is that this is all entirely real.”

“We don’t go to foreign sources because we trust our own sources first. But when it turns out the people who represent us and run our government are lying to us and never apologize for it and doing horrific things in our names, then you have to open your mind a little bit and at least assess what other people are saying.”

Tucker rightly ends his commentary with this:

“Dangerous biological agents remain, thanks to the Biden administration, unsecured in a chaotic war zone. At some point we need to know how that happened, who made those decisions. We have a right to know and let’s hope someone in Congress, probably not Marco Rubio, but someone else, will get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, we pray that somewhere, in the United States government, there as an adult who cares enough to get this situation under control immediately.”

Tucker – Secret Biolabs in Ukraine?

RubyRayMedia-Rumble (mirrored from Midnight Rider Channel on Telegram)
Published Mar 9, 2022
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Tucker Carlson carefully pieces Ukraine Biolab facts together.

And when he concludes, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the current US administration is trying to bury the dirty little Biolab secret as deep as one of those underground bases they mysteriously hide from public view.


The Ukrainian Biolabs

 Ukrainian Biolabs Timeline. Statements from Russian sources and the USA State Department now acknowledge that there WERE (thanks to Putin, they are no more) Biolabs located in Ukraine. Let us walk through a timeline of events that leads up to what is being revealed today, shall we?



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