The Common Man is Waking up to the Crime Syndicate


The cat turned into a lion, and is devouring the coyotes

The uprising in Brazil is greater than anything the nation has ever seen, and it is a significant sign of what is happening in our world.

World control

The game of the criminal elites, who run the show of governments behind the scenes, is being uncovered in a way that is unheard of, since the dawn of time. And this is by no means an exaggeration.

The uprising in Brazil is so powerful, that it has Deep State actors around the world in a panic. Biden, Obama, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, and many others run to Twitter to frantically condemn this protest of the people against a stolen election.

They understand how this threatens their worldwide imperium of fraud and deception, and frenetically try to tell the world how “bad” these people are, who reject the fraudulent positioning of Lula, a World Economic Forum puppet.

With an apparent tone of deep concern, Obama wrote on Twitter: “The entire world has a stake in the success of Brazil’s democracy…”

Listen to his choice of words, which reveals the exact reality I am highlighting:


He knows that what is going on in Brazil, will spill over to other nations… Naturally he accuses the people who stand up against a stolen election of “attacking democracy”. Hypocrisy is the name of their game. Claiming to defend democracy, they are the ones who rig elections. Claiming to defend human rights, they trample them all day long. Claiming to improve the world, they destroy it. Claiming to be honest, they lie without winking. Claiming to heal you, they poison you. And so on.

They always wear their mask of “such holy saints”, while they commit the most horrendous crimes. They are the exact definition of liars, cheaters, thieves, and hypocrites.

But they are freaking out, because they see that humanity is catching up to their game. Their masks are coming off, and the mass manipulation by the mainstream media no longer has the needed effect. The controllers have lost control!

Hundreds of millions worldwide are seeing that they have been lied to all their life. The vain words of “democracy” no longer mean anything. Clearly visible actions of stolen elections, speak louder than the silly songs of these clowns.

Musk is kicking butt

What scares them even more, is that some of their high ranking members have chosen to step away from the realm of evil, and are using their incredible wealth and influence, to tear down the palaces of corruption. Who would have thought that Elon Musk would pull the lid off of Twitter, and expose to billions worldwide, how the criminal CIA and FBI have been instructing Twitter executives to silence the voice of millions of scientists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals?

Today Elon Musk fired the ENTIRE TEAM of Twitter in Brazil, after discovering that employees benefited leftist politicians in the Brazilian elections.

There is also no more press office for the company in the country. The social network is without a communication area, extinguished after the conclusion of the acquisition of Twitter by Musk, in October. Only the Twitter sales team is active, and with that, in Brazil, about 0.5% of the total number of employees remain. (Source)

Something is happening in our world, that most of us didn’t dare to dream – and this is just the tiny beginning of a transformation we can’t even fathom.

In an upcoming post you will see an overview of incredible happenings all over the USA, that show how the tide is turning big time.

War in Brazil

That doesn’t mean the war is over. In fact, it’s just getting started. After initially blocking the Federal police from arresting the protesters in Brazil, the army was eventually ordered to step aside and 2,000 arrests were made, including 40 children. One child fainted in the detention area, after being refused food. Reports say that two died.

Brazil footage

In footage from inside the detention area, where thousands of protesters are imprisoned, one can see how several people are filming what is going on. This is a whole other level of journalism: no longer do the corrupt news media have a monopoly to report (= misrepresent) what is happening, people can broadcast reality to the whole world with their phones – live and unaltered.

The very devices designed to control humanity, are used to liberate them.

What we see, is an attempt to crack down on the protesters, and crush the resistance, but this is yet again a most foolish decision by the tyrants, who act as if they are living in the eighties. Modern technology is broadcasting their cruel practices to millions of households worldwide, and will fuel more and more awakening and resistance.

No, this is not the “end times”


One of the reasons I report on this mass uprising in Brazil, is to shake the millions of Christians wide awake, who have been brainwashed to think that the world is entering the final stage of its existence, which is called “the end times” or the “last days”.

This mindset prevents hundreds of millions of good people to join the fight to liberate humanity from its evil oppressors, as they are led to believe this is all the fulfillment of “Bible prophecy” and is therefore “inevitable”.

However, in the Bible the so called “end times” has nothing to do with the end of the world, but was the end of an era, a timeframe, called the “old covenant”. The Mosaic era came to an end, and a new era called the “new covenant” was dawning. It has nothing to do with the end of humanity. (Read all about it here).

One golden key to unlock your mind for this essential truth, is the fact that according to the popular beliefs about the “end of the world” all of humanity will worship evil.

“And all the world marveled and followed the beast… All who dwell on the earth will worship him.” (Revelation 13:3,8)

What we see today is the diametrical <–> opposite of that! We couldn’t be further from what is described in Revelation. Instead of “all who dwell on earth worship the beast” we see hundreds of millions rise up against the beast system.

Besides the visible mass uprisings, there are countless intelligent, courageous, creative, brilliant, and God-fearing individuals working very hard underground to shift the tide once and for all.

✔︎ I am in touch with financial experts who are creating alternative systems, that will allow humanity to step away from the monetary monopoly of the criminal banking imperiums.

✔︎ I am in touch with brilliant engineers who are working to develop energy systems, that will put an end to the tyrannical energy monopoly, and provide humanity with energy without the expensive monthly bills. Think Nicolas Tesla!

✔︎ I am in touch with bright health experts who are developing answers to health issues, that will greatly improve the overall well-being of the people. I just got off the phone with a pioneer in sound and frequency healing who is developing powerful healing technologies, that will eliminate the need for drugs.

Powerful media platforms are growing rapidly, who don’t spread lies and deception, but publish truth to liberate the world.

And I can go on for a while…

My goal is to make an overview of all these wonderful “better world developments” on the coming year. If you know of any of such developments, please let me know. I want to help these initiatives gain traction.

Some are concerned the protest are organized by the government to give them an excuse to crack down on the people. That is entirely plausible, but it doesn’t eradicate the reality that millions in Brazil, millions in China, and hundreds of millions worldwide, are fully awake, and their roar will become so loud, the cabal can no longer contain it – even with their best controlled opposition. They let a cat out of the bag, that turned into a lion, that is devouring their own coyotes.

The visual protests in the nations are a superficial sign of something of a magnitude nobody can encompass. Most of wat happens is below the surface, by brilliant, courageous and love-driven people.

This is not the “end of the world”, but the end of an era of worldwide tyranny, and the dawn of an era of restoration.

I encourage all to be courageous, fill your heart with vision and hope, and do whatever you can to join the battle for the liberation of humanity.


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David Sorensen

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Protesters in Brazil invade Congress & Supreme Court

Protesters invade government buildings, while the army protects them from the Federal police

World control

Something unprecedented is happening in our world, and it will only get bigger, louder and stronger – it’s UNSTOPPABLE.

War on tyranny. War on censorship. War on the elites. War on the one world government. War on the realm of darkness. War on corruption.

We are seeing the first eruptions of something that will sweep the earth, like a tsunami of truth.

Brazil for example is exploding with nationwide protests against the election fraud, that removed president Bolsenaro by a deep state puppet who betrays the nation, in favor of globalists who ultimately want to steer the world to a one world government. For months now millions have been protesting in Brazil. The Indians even came out of the jungle to show their support for Bolsenaro.

Why is Bolsenaro so loved by the people? Because he stood firm as a lion against the tyrannical mandates during the pandemic.

He was severely smeared by the mainstream media, but kept defending the basic constitutional rights of the people. On January 8 a historically unprecedented protest exploded in Brazil, with countless protesters invading official buildings like the Supreme Court, the Senate, National Congress, and so on.

A highly significant event is that many police officers refused to obey the orders to arrest the protestors, and the military prevented the Federal police from making arrests.

This shows that the Brazilian military is on the side of the citizens who defend their country – something every true soldier signed up for: defend your country against foreign invaders. A soldier who allows his country to be destroyed by criminal globalists, is complicit in high treason, and betrays every mother, child, and father in the country that he swore to protect against foreign intruders.

There is a foreign invasion going in every country of the world, by criminal financial elites, who bribe government officials to surrender their nation to them, so they can become the unelected rulers of the entire world.

May the roar of the lion of justice become so loud that it will awaken the sleeping giant of righteousness across the world.

Use the red button to view the protests, and share this around to inspire hope, and courage to others worldwide….



Share this!

The best way to share this email, is to use the link below to GO TO THE ONLINE VERSION. There you will find social media buttons to share this message. Go ahead, hit the link, and share away!

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