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Must Read: Completing the Criminal Takeover of the United States (updated)

New material on the process, how VT, the last vestige of investigative journalism and research, is tearing down the false narrative that created the real “prison planet.”

The following passage, from an 1879 letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx has never been more relevant that it is today, with Trump in the White House and the Zionist’s Talmudic agenda continuing apace:

The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

[Editor’s note: I have done a huge amount of research into the backgrounds of Donald Trump and his closest associates, starting with Roy Cohn and working forward in time. One name always bothered me, that of Felix Sater.

I wasn’t sure why it bothered me, it was a gut feeling based largely on the knowledge that Trump had walked out of at least two interviews when Sater’s name was mentioned. In 2013 during an interview with Jon Sweeney of the BBC, you could see the pained reaction on Trump’s face coupled with a thinly disguised level of annoyance that seemed highly incongruous for what had been, to that point, a pretty banal and friendly interview.

Clearly Trump did not like the name Sater being brought up one bit, this told me Sater was a sore point and that sore point should be looked at more closely. Information on Sater is scarce indeed, but three facts were clear, firstly he was 100% a creature of the Zionist crime cabal, secondly, he was a money manipulator and financial criminal and thirdly, he enjoyed the protection of the FBI and CIA. I kept picking away at the Sater sore spot, long after Gordon had told me I was barking up the wrong tree, I found little of importance but that nagging feeling that this was possibly Trump’s greatest weakness refused to abate, maybe it was the look of ‘oh shit’ I saw in Trump’s eyes when Sweeney asked his question about Sater.

Then we got the Christopher Steele dossier on Trump and learned that Trump had been working with the Russian Alfa Bank owned by Russian-Israel oligarchs and that Trump’s phoenix-like rise from utter bankruptcy in the early 90s was due to a massive flow of funds from the Alfa Bank, money that was stolen from Russia was being laundered through the Trump organisation. That was when I reiterated to Gordon that we already knew that Trump had long been working with a financial criminal from Russia who was known to be a member of the Zionist mob – Felix Sater. Now the pieces slipped together like one of Gordon’s finely crafted AR-15s and we realised – Sater was the key link in the chain, that the whole mechanism for moving and laundering all the stolen Russian money revolved around Sater, that he was the key cog in that machine. Ian]

“Trump delivers his inauguration address Friday with historically low popularity. A new CBS News poll puts him at 32 percent, the lowest approval rating for an incoming president in the poll’s history, and a majority disapproval of the way he’s handling the transition.”

Trump began his day with a religious service at the hands of Klan preacher, Pastor Robert Jeffress, who joined Trump in prayers to end heresies like Catholicism, which Jeffress described as “Satanic.” Trump is quoted as saying: “I love this guy.” If you think we are kidding:

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor & Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor

When Trump told the nation of his anger when thousands of New Jersey Muslims danced in the streets on 9/11, celebrating the event, we were listening to the delusional ramblings of a madman controlled by a handler named Felix Sater, the man who now controls the nuclear arsenal of the United States, the man behind Trump, a very public melding of CIA, Mossad and Khazarian Mafia.

Today we are seeing a president take office with a 32% approval rating, who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million (perhaps as much as 10 million more) and is far less popular than the outgoing president. In 1990, Trump was more than broke, he was totally in debt, busted entirely.

However, with a CIA orchestrated influx of stolen cash from the Soviet commercial banking system, Trump became a front for what is now the most powerful criminal empire on earth, one that now certainly controls the United States, an empire centered in Israel for those who didn’t know already. First, catch this 9 minute video on Felix Sater, the man behind Donald Trump, at least since mob boss Roy Cohn died (1984).

In the first 5 minutes you will understand, America’s intelligence agencies are controlled by organized crime, in particular, the gang that was just sworn in, headed by real president Felix Sater, whose rabbi “spills the beans.”

Hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Some time ago, we had examined some of the unpleasant hidden truths of the last century where control of education and media, particularly in the West, had created an alternative reality that became official history. Each day the imaginarium is rebuilt and reinforced, almost as though we were all in a Matrix film, through control of everything we see and hear and by those around us incapable of discernment.

Here is where this goes, the world is being eaten by a criminal “super-state,” resisted unsuccessfully by the Kaiser, perhaps by Hitler, both resisted and served by Franklin Roosevelt, a state that killed JFK and now has a total stranglehold on America.

What if the Soviet Union were originated not as Russian but a Bolshevik (read “Neocon”) experiment to create the real “Jewish state.” Taken down by Stalin during his purges, reborn in the 70s, where the “dog,” and we mean the Soviet Union, became a colony of “Soviet Israel.”

We can follow the trails, they are exhaustive but lead to inexorable truths. We follow the FBI through Hoover and Meyer Lansky, an agency controlled by organized crime from day one, and a CIA far worse. Add to the mix the Neocon takeover with 9/11 and the mix of agencies, recently under “Clapper,” all controlled from outside the US, and events around us, not just today, but in particular a world racing into poverty and slavery, things fall into place easily.

No, the American military isn’t going to save us — if anything they are the weakest link.

For those that don’t think the world is burning down around us right now, you’re simply not paying attention; there are however, positive things that can be taken from even the worst of times and let me assure you, this is the worst of times – we will be lucky if any of us survive.

We are not going on a tiresome journey into the world of Fake News, instead we are going to advance a now proven hypothesis; let us start with a few bullet points:

  • Discussions of ‘Deep State’ that recently came to light in the United States refer to a powerful criminal empire that rules America.
  • The mechanism for this empire, as most long suspected, originates with PNAC in the 1990s.
  • PNAC is the political expression for the criminal cartel, which includes the major intelligence agencies – KGB, CIA, ‘Mossad’ and others that began erasing the last vestiges of world governments.
  • The programme probably started in earnest with the non-presidency of actor and ‘useful idiot’ Ronald Reagan.
  • A cabal that almost immediately tried to whack Reagan elevated the level of controls over not just world currencies, but a broader programme including access to resources, control of military technology, control of space, control of world media and control of all world industry.
  • Destroying two nations was key to this – Russia and the United States.
  • To destroy the United States it was necessary to destroy the banking system, beginning with the thrifts, the mortgage banking system and to central all power in the big five Wall St. banks, all Rothschild controlled of course, ending any threat to the Federal Reserve.
  • What happened in Russia requires understanding the bifurcation that began in 1917 when a Zionist conspiracy (and that is precisely the correct term) known as the October Revolution, placed, and please forgive me for saying this, the authors of the Protocols, real or imagined, you decide for yourself, in charge of Russia.
  • Stalin’s purges, as it is increasingly beginning to seem, were in actuality, part of a de-Bolshevification, in order to free Russia from a brutal Zionist enslavement. Toward that end, it becomes necessary for us to re-assess everything bad ever said about Stalin. If we are dealing with a false historical narrative, and Stalin is being presented to the world as a cartoonish monstrosity, it is very likely true that almost nothing said about Stalin can be believed. Why do you think the Russian people want Stalin back? Why do you think historians that challenge the Holocaust, or who describe a very different Adolf Hitler, are silenced and even imprisoned? Why do you think, decade after decade, we are inundated with an endless narrative where eventually everyone is to be smeared and destroyed.
  • It’s 1990, George H.W. Bush makes his New World Order speech, but what is that New World Order? Let’s see, Bush and Carlos Salinas give us NAFTA. Turn the clock back to the Reagan 80s for a second — remember Iran-Contra, the real creation of the CIA’s arms, banking and drugs empire, first controlling cocaine/crack and in the process, wiping out America’s inner cities and then, as time moves on, opium; and then heroin and total control of that world market as well.
  • We can trace this effort through those little things no-one notices, where the false narrative fails, through the banking efforts of Jeb Bush in Venezuela and Colombia building the cartels, and Mitt Romney’s partnership with Salinas and Raul Castro.
  • 1990, with the US deep in its bloodletting and restructuring, was nothing to what happened to Russia; anyone who thinks that the oligarchs of the 1990s appeared out of nowhere is insane, the real downfall of Russia was staged through the deal cutting to help the Jewish emigrés leave Russia.
  • Israel has always been a communist country, a Kibbutz is nothing more than a collective farm, Israel was and is Communist; furthermore, Zionism and Bolshevism are exactly the same thing – the religion of the Likudists and let’s be clear, Likudists are not religious Jews, they are communists and they are atheists. During the 1980s, what we know of as Israel became something very different, every nation on earth was guided by the global considerations of the east-west dialectic, the potential for nuclear war and their own survival.
  • One instance is Libya – we see Gadaffi getting Russian military aid and overtly attack the United States while harbouring a huge CIA-Mossad presence, partnering in the Israeli-South Africa nuclear programme and being the headquarters for NATO’s Gladio operations. Those IRA terrorists ‘seen all over Libya’ and even portrayed in Hollywood films, were CIA and special forces, Reagan’s attack on Libya was pure theatre, Gadaffi’s dead daughter, oh, wait, Gadaffi never had a daughter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8loKEw-wlA&list=PLCA14F3F13CF284B3&index=6

  • While Gadaffi played East against West in order to survive, what we know as Israel, in reality, the nominal capital of a worldwide financial criminal cabal set its goals much higher; during the 80s, Israel gained control of the FBI and CIA and began bleeding key intelligence into Russia as both Russia and America reduced nuclear arsenals, the weapons being dismantled and stored in the US in actuality began disappearing – 300 we know of and can prove, shocking to even then-president Bush – this is Israel’s nuclear arsenal.
  • Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor cooked out in 1985, therefore the massive amounts of uranium ore needed to build the 300-400 warheads Israel supposedly has cannot be traced, as it never existed. There is a well-defined and very public market for uranium ore with trading desks, Israel never bought any of it, and everyone knows it. There are no ships, no shipments, no banking transactions, none of it. Israel penetrated the US — the Dept of Energy, the intelligence agencies & FBI — and stole 350 or more nuclear pits, transported by Viktor Bout — we can prove it and hold all of the evidence. The key to Israel’s power here was the insidious way they moved back into Russia, ostensibly to cut deals to move Russian Jews to Israel.


Romney with his mistress in Cuba, the safe haven for Bain Capital’s money laundering operations

The name Andropov comes onto our radar in 2012 when we received leaked FBI files and a photograph of the daughter of Yuri Andropov – Maria Perez Andropov, mistress of Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate; first Romney, then Trump, no wait, first McCain, then Romney then Trump, a three-fer of ‘Russian controlled stooges’?

McCain, the Manchurian Candidate, blackmailed for aiding the enemy during Vietnam (so documented); Romney, taped by the FBI in Cuba with Raul Castro, Carlos Salinas of Mexico and Maria Perez Andropov planning the cartel takeover of much of America’s financial industry; VT has the interview tapes with the FBI’s agent in charge.

Was this when the Bolsheviks came back into Russia, culminating in Gorbachev, who according to Lee Wanta took a 300 million dollar payoff to turn that nation over to the oligarchs, and just guess who those people were/are? Picture Netanyahu on his endless trips to Moscow, carrying the Pollard intelligence, according to Gwyneth Todd, that was hand the US to the Soviet Union on a silver platter.

Jonathan Pollard, the American Jew who betrayed his country and committed treason by giving Israel top secret US Intelligence and military secrets. For what? Money.

Netanyahu, as UN Ambassador, was Pollard’s personal handler, but in the end as it may well be today, Russia was every bit the target, as is the United States, now prostrate after a third successful attempt to put a Zionist president in place.

Now we are watching the same thing in Europe. There is a key piece to the puzzle that differentiates who pays attention and who is real, a popular narrative pushed forward by the Fake News is that George Soros, working with the neocons and his ‘Zionist allies’ organised Maidan; proof lies in a solitary, poorly forged March 2014 ‘source-less leak’ where in a meeting transcript, Victoria Nuland’s input is attributed to Soros.

Those who follow the nasty real world know that Soros runs the world’s largest and most powerful anti-Zionist organisation and spent the 1990s and many billions of dollars fighting the Neocons and Netanyahu; this is when the Israelis tried branding him as a ‘Nazi war criminal’, when that didn’t work they started accusing him of something even worse – of being a Zionist!


Chessboard pieces

These are the areas we are working on now – key is when the Soviet Union stopped being the Soviet Union and, as with the United States, became something else; we see the methodologies quite easily, how few the bribery and blackmail of a few key individuals, an entire continent can be controlled, power is that centralised. With Russia, the key figure was probably Yuri Andropov. Andropov is a ghost, or a remnant if you prefer, or a Golem, created of mud and lies.

There is evidence that after the initial SALT treaties of 1971-2, the Cold War may well have been nothing but empty theatre. The estimations made of Russia’s conventional military strength were greatly overestimated; this is why both nations went for the theatre-based nuclear solution, with the US deploying first the Pershing missiles, and then the F-111 and B-52 bombers being designated as nuclear strike aircraft.

Today, if anything burns us down, it will be the failure, even in Russia, of identifying the bifurcation; this is why Trump is so important, as seen below where we learn about Trump’s relationship with Felix Sater and the Russian oligarchs. In 1990, Trump was bankrupt, it was then that he was chosen as the conduit by those who really took down Russia.

Calibrated Confidence, December 2011


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