Any Politician Advocating For Abortions, Vaxxes &/Or Centralized Control (Loss of Sovereignty) is a Servant of the Satanic Cabal  15 FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW FAST   
Ukraine used to be KHAZARIA. It is the birthplace and homeland of the Khazarians whose King, King Bulan, converted the people to Judaism for trading purposes.
2. CONVERTED JEWSConverted Khazarian Jews are Ashkenazi eastern European Jews whose ancestors never even set foot in ancient Israel. Close to 75% of today’s Jews are Ashkenazi Jews descended from converted Jews.The trillionaire cult that rules the world today are Ashkenazi and Krypto Jews.
Sabbatai Zevi, declared himself to be the Jewish Messiah in 1666 and led the largest messianic movement in Jewish history attracting more than half the population of European Jews.  His teachings made everything that was holy… unholy. He rejected the rules of the Jewish holy books and every standard of Jewish decency. There would be no more guilt or sin or right or wrong. No more sexual taboos. One century later, Jacob Frank proclaimed himself to be the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi and the living Messiah for all Jews.
4. UNHOLY TRINITYJacob Frank formed an unholy alliance with Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s banking dynasty. Rothschild influenced the privatization of the Federal Reserve banking system and the dismantling of the American constitution. Weishaupt took control of the Vatican and its hierarchy of Catholic clergy and formed the Order of the lluminati by infiltrating the Freemasonic lodges. Jacob Frank replaced Jewish ethics with a Satanic religion based on the exact opposite of Jewish teachings.“With Rothschild financing, Jacob Frank became fabulously wealthy and was put in charge of spreading a Luciferian theology that would be the hidden hand behind future wars and revolutions. This unholy alliance of conscienceless men started a cancerous war against humanity.trin
5. ORIGIN OF LUCIFERIAN JEWSJacob Frank’s followers were called Sabbatean Frankists. They practiced Witchcraft and occult rituals including animal and human sacrifices, pedophilia and blood drinking. Lucifer, they declared, was the “true god”. The Sabbatean-Frankists expanded their movement by masquerading as converts to other religions. Catholicism and Islam where they imbedded themselves and spread their Luciferian infection as closeted KRYPTO JEWS. The pagan invasion of evil took hold in eighteenth century Europe. Sabbatean/Frankists, also referred to as the Cult of the All-Seeing Eye are everywhere. Everywhere there is power.dol
6. THE HOLOCAUSTRabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, former president of the Canadian Jewish Congress,  claims Sabbatean Frankists are false Zionist Jews who reject traditional Judaism. The Sabbatean Frankists were behind Nazi Germany’s Holocaust and World war II which was engineered to create the state of Israel to replace Palestine in 1945. They populated the renamed state with Jewish refugees from the WWII holocaust and engineered a Palestinian holocaust with illegal Jewsh settlements. They bombed and walled the Palestinian population and stole their ancient homeland.The Palestinians (Philistines) were the FIRST to occupy the land known in Biblical times as Canaan before the Hebrew invasion when the Hebrews occupied and renamed the land Israel. The Romans eventually kicked the Hebrew invaders out (the diaspora) and renamed the land Palestine after the Palestinians (Philistinians).ISRAEL = IS(Isis) RA(sun god) EL (Elohim) pl
7. PROTOCOLS OF ZIONThere is reason to believe that the revolutionary document called the “Protocols of Zion” is a secret Sabbatean Frankist document that embodies 24 protocols which map out a detailed zionist plan for global control. The protocols written in the late 1700’s describe in precise detail the world domination step plan that is unfolding today.8. KRYPTO JEWSRabbi Marvin Antelman charges that the world today is ruled by a Sabbatean Frankist satanic cult that has conspired with the Illuminati to destroy all religions and fuse all nations into one”. Today, Royals, politicians, banksters and businessmen form the inner circle of the Sabbatean-Frankist elite. They live secret two-faced lives sometimes posing as religious Jews or Christians or Islamists.
9. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENTModern Zionism is rooted in the unholy alliance of Frank, Weishaupt & Rothschild. It has infiltrated world religions, taken over Freemasonry, engineered wars and revolutions, and turned nations and citizens into their debt slaves worldwide. Unfortunately Muslims, Christians and Jews do not recognize their common enemy because that enemy is invisible. It hides within their own religions.Today, the bloodlines of this unholy alliance are in the final stages of establishing one world religion, one world government and one world ruler. Sabbatean/Frankists, also referred to as the Cult of the All-Seeing Eye are everywhere. Everywhere where there is power.10.UKRAINE (alias Khazaria) PROVOKED THE WAR WITH RUSSIAUkraine is an Illuminati-US controlled  puppet state with nuclear power plants and more than a dozen bioweapons labs posing a threat on Russia’s border. Russian propaganda claims they invaded Ukraine as a defensive maneuver to protect itself from NATO and Ukraine aggression. Fear not. No harm will come to the resource rich Khazarian homeland. The media is repeatedly showing a few damaged residential buildings, noise that sounds like bombs but may be nothing more than noisy fireworks, people running, crying, paid actor interviews, bombing footage from Syria passed off as Ukrainian footage, Khazarian Jewish mafia leader Zelenski posing for photo ops in army fatigues.11. SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA DESIGNED TO HURT THE WESTThe Biden Regime is preventing US energy independence in the face of this immense crisis they’ve created. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg asks people to buy $60k Electric Vehicles. It should be clear to even the dumbest people that, together with the promotion of this war, the Climate Change agenda being promoted by the Globalists is about collapsing the West, ending the Petrodollar and ending the US dollar as a reserve currency. Everything we see  is about the Globalists’ controlled demolition of American sovereignty and power.12. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM IS SHREDDING EVIDENCEThe World Economic Forum is now suddenly mass-deleting their cyber attack “plans” from their websites, which they admit will kill millions of people and they’ve also deleted their profiles of Vladimir Putin who was  one of the earliest graduates of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program.13. PUTIN IS PLAYING THE VILLAIN ROLE FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDERWhen Putin attended the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Forum, was the former KGB agen, spying on Klaus Schwab’s Globalist organization to protect Russia’s interests or was he being trained for his role as a  villain in the New World Order agenda?The New American magazine’s Alex Newman says, “The Russians are deeply in bed with these clowns at the World Economic Forum. Putin’s central bank chief is on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees. Vladimir Putin is good friends with Henry Kissinger, the ultimate New World Order Deep State toady here, in the United States; the Rockefeller poodle who made his living serving as a shill for the New World Order.14. ONE WORLD BANK“So what comes next? They’re going to bring in a central bank digital currency. The Ukrainians are working on this big time. We’re seeing massive things taking place, This is all by design and it’s all engineered…”You’ve got Zelenskyy demanding that the EU immediately grant membership to Ukraine…Zelenskyy has also called on the United Nations ‘court’ – the kangaroo court – to step in and stop the Russian invasion…
“We see the Finnish government talking about how they’re going to join NATO. We see the Swedish government talking about ‘maybe we’re going to join NATO,’ as a result of this invasion from Putin.
“And so, what they’re doing, Folks is they’re demolishing sovereign nation-states, they’re amalgamating them all into these freakish regional orders, exactly like Henry Kissinger explained in his book, ‘World Order’. “He said the key to achieving world order is getting these countries involved in these regional orders and then merging all those regional orders together.
15.  PUTIN’S PLANPutin has been building a Eurasian Union with the former Soviet States and he has said publicly that this future Eurasian Union should be fused with the European Union to have a free trade area, stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok.
WE ARE BEING PLAYED.Don’t line up behind Putin. Don’t line up behind this kleptocratic Far-Left radical extremist government in Ukraine, none of them are your friends. Don’t line up behind the European Union, Folks. You don’t have to choose one or the other. That’s what the Deep State does. They give you two false choices, they let us all line up behind one and we can argue with each other and no matter which one wins, they win.”

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