Russian Submarine Can Obliterate Entire U.S. in Minutes With 160 NUKES on Board (The Ashkenazi ZIONIST British Empire Criminals Probably WANT Us Obliterated.)

Russian submarine with 160 nukes on board surfaces off US coast


Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey project, which carries 16 Bulava ballistic missiles on board, unexpectedly appeared off the coast of the United States, having caused serious concerns in Washington.

Russian submarine with 160 nukes on board surfaces off US coast

Each of the missiles in service with the submarine is capable of carrying up to ten nuclear warheads. This created an extremely serious danger for the United States, given that the US military have not been able to track the Russian nuclear submarine.

According to NetEase publication, Russian nuclear submarine of the Borey project (according to other sources, it was an Akula project submarine), approached the US coast unnoticed. It was possible to establish the whereabouts of the nuclear submarine with up to 160 nuclear warheads on boards after the sub started going back to the base. A submarine of this class is capable of destroying most of the territory of the United States of America in minutes.

Russian nuclear submarines will be able to constantly patrol the waters near the US coast in the event that Russia decides to build a naval base in Cuba or Venezuela, as representatives for the Russian Foreign Ministry earlier said.

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Synagogue of Satan Member Hillary Clinton made Arrangements to sell Russia Uranium out of Canada.

Jew Clown Leader of Ukraine Says He’s Open to Negotiations

By infostormer -February 25, 20221

The Jew comedian leader of the illegitimate Ukraine government is now saying that he is open to negotiations as Russian military forces close in on Kiev.

The time for negotiations have long passed. This moron Jew thought that he had the full backing of the West and did not do anything to stop the shelling of the breakaway Republics. The Russians repeatedly tried to negotiate in good faith and the West refused any and all attempts at a compromise.

The Jew is giving public addresses in a t-shirt.

I’m shocked the Jew clown hasn’t taken a one way trip to Tel Aviv yet. But I guess he wants to get as many WHITE Christians killed as possible before he does that. He’s banned men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country and is passing out small arms to people.

Any WHITE Ukrainians who fight and die for this Jew clown are fighting on behalf of a godless system that pushes gay butt sex, feminism and trannies on its people. They’d be a fool to defend it.

Comment: It never ends well for ANYONE who deals with America’s AshkeNAZI’s. Everyone gets Fucked: Allies, enemies, Rich, Poor, Middleclass. All get screwed for the evil , murderous benefit of America’s AshkeNAZI’s.

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