Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on Combat Alert

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on combat alert

by TUT editor

GEOPOLITICA – The air defense of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has declared that it is combat alert. This comes with the expectation that a US-led coalition, that would include France and the United Kingdom, will strike the Syrian military within the next 24 hours.  (Admin of  US, France & U.K. are ALL Zionist Occupied/Controlled Governments)

The reason for such a strike, a decision that US President Donald Trump is yet to make, is because the Syrian military have been blamed for an alleged chemical weapons attack in the East Ghouta town of Duma to the east of Damascus city center.

Russian chemical investigators have found no traces of chemicals being used at the alleged attack site, with Damascus approving an international investigation team to conduct their own research. However, despite no investigations made, Trump has made it clear he is prepared to attack Syria. SOURCE

My Comment:  If the U.S. does one more act of aggression Bye Bye USA!  Russia has finally had enough!!!

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