Rothschild Israel Gets Our Money Cuz Rothschild’s Control Our Gov’t-Bravo to This Girl For Speaking Out! Israel is Terrorist and Did 9/11 Too as Well As Bombing the Liberty Knowing They Would Kill American Sailors.

Israel attacks USS Liberty – HISTORY

Israel later apologized for the attack and offered $6.9 million in compensation, claiming that it had mistaken the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. However, Liberty survivors, and some former U.S …

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When they say that Israel did 9/11, they really mean it.…

Israel Did 9-11– A Who’s Who “Know what all these people have in common? And I do mean ALL of them. Figure it out yet? Yeah. They ain’t Muslims. …They’re Jews. They go to the synagogue-Synagogue of Satan, that is. They all have ties to ‘Israel’, either as dual-citizens, committed Zionist fundraisers or both.

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