#Arrest Fauci-Animals Have the Right to Not Be Tortured as Fauci’s Lab Tortured Puppies Using Your Taxes!

Anthony Fauci Used Taxpayer Money to Torture Dogs [For Big Pharma]

By infostormer -October 24, 20215

Anthony Fauci is a very evil person. This should have been obvious to everyone who has seen him push this crazy virus hoax, the mask mandates and death vaxx requirements over the past couple of years.

Now there are reports about how Fauci used taxpayer money to help finance torture experiments on dogs.


This is one of the sickest things you could ever do to an animal.

This has made people extremely angry. The hashtag #ArrestFauci has been trending on Twitter

I fully support the arrest and execution of Fauci for the numerous crimes he has committed. Although I doubt his role in torturing dogs will lead to that. He’s already been able to get away with all sorts of high crimes even before this information was known.

Just who is going to arrest and charge him with anything? Outside of vigilante justice, it is hard to see him being held accountable for any his awful crimes unless ZOG decides to use him as a fall guy for all the vaxx deaths.

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