Who’s Funding Enbridge?

May be an image of text that says 'WHO'S FUNDING LINE 3 TD $13.59 B Bank of Montreal $10.06 B Scotiabank $9.84 B RBC $7.98 CIBC $6.98 B Citi $5.15 Wells Fargo $3.86 B Bank of America $3.16 B MUFG $2.68 National Bank of Canada $2.67 B JPMorgan Chase $1.80 B Mizuho $1.73 B Deutsche Bank $1.53 B Barclays $1.32 B BNP Paribas $1.32 B SMBC Group $1.18 B Credit Suisse $1.15 B Crédit Agricole $902 M HSBC $410 M Truist Financial $400 M CENBRIDGE STOPEMONEY PIPEELINE'

Comment: The Shareholders of the Biggest Banksters & Oil Companies are pretty much the same group of criminals who control AMERIKA and they are the Financiers of Hollywood and The Actors/Actresses who are Paid to Push Agendas coming from wealthy elite families. If a Poor person with talent tries to gain access to Hollywood that person has to Join this Cabal which involves sodomy, videos of Lesbian/or Homosexual Sex Acts &/or even Murdering someone. The cost in joining the cabal is too high to pay for a normal person but for a Psychopath/Narcissist No cost is too high as long as there is money/power in sight. In short Amerika’s influencers (Politicians & Media Persons) are Hard Core Psychopath/Criminals. Here is an example:


The uniparty swamp is becoming desperate to defend CA Governor Newsom. While the fake-news media is telling you Newsom is sure to win, George Soros, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi are all scrambling to do everything they can to defeat the recall. 

The recall of Newsom will be a major blow to uniparty establishment that has sold out our country to the globalists. 

Comment: Feature picture is of Crumbling Oroville Dam. Newsom Is Funded by George Soros of the ZIONIST British Empire, a mafia, of criminals who loot, rob, & steal.

What you can do:

If you live in California
—Go to the polls and vote in person on election day September 14th (this is much better than mail-in ballots). 

If you live in another state
—Get the word out by circulating this video and page to everyone you can. 

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