Illegal Immigrants Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandates While Americans MUST Take Vaccines That Can Kill

Comment: Time for Americans to realize their gov’t has been HIGHJACKED by a crime syndicate whose symbol is a six pointed ZIONIST star and that the Media is owned by this crime syndicate. The talking heads are ALL 100% controlled by this syndicate and even opposition media like Laura Logan are cabal members. Eventually she will toe the line as well. Remember, Tucker Carlson supported the Cabal Narrative that Trump “LOST THE ELECTION” which was a total lie as he got 75 to 80% of the population’s vote. Trump is ALSO a Cabal member as he pushes the VACCINE which is a priority of our rulers. He is likely blackmailed into supporting the vaccine and pushing it at his rallies as Trump initially did not want to support this COVID bullshit.


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