Hollywood is Part of the Elite Cult & They Don’t Have to Go By the Rules Shoved Down Your Throat; 625 Navy Seals Refuse Vaccine-Told They Will Not Be Deployed

Comment: You either have to be hooked up with the Jews, married to the Jews or a total slave to them to make it in Hollywood. And , by the way, they are Khazars/ZIONISTs/Synagogue of Satan/Ashkenazi’s Not Real Jews but Satanic Synagogue of Satan Crime Mob.

Facts Matter (Sept. 23): Hundreds of Navy SEALs Refuse Vaccine, Told They Won’t Be Deployed

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My Comment: Rose McGowan, A Lister, exposed how Hollywood is a Cult on Fox News. Cult members are wealthy elite and they just steer the sheeple into their own demise while cult members profit and are exempt from the kill jab. THE CULT MEMBERS ARE SATANIC.


Tucker Carlson covered this story on one of his recent broadcasts. He also covered how there was a weird military presentation promoting Satanism in conjunction with pushing vaxx propaganda.

No Navy SEALs died of COVED. Navy Seals are facing being fired for not taking the vaccine. They are “disabling the army” and “disabling” the hospitals. Lawyer representing Navy Seals speaks up.

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