How President Trump is Sold Out to the ZIONISTS; We Have a Gov’t of Thieves Supported by Sheeple

Think You’re Awake? Think Again!
Being AWAKE means recognizing that Biden and Trump are two divisive sides of the same counterfeit coin. Any political leaders who support masking, distancing and vaccinating the population is a servant of the Davos Demon (Klaus Schwab) and the dystopian global reset.Watch this and stop the denial!
Some people are very sure Trump is the Second Coming of the Messiah. One thing we know for a fact – he is an actor who starred in the TV series “The Apprentice”.1. Was Trump a gullible Messiah when he accepted the Neil Ferguson projection (bankrolled by Bill Gates) that two million COVID deaths would occur in the US? Didn’t Trump clue in to the fact that it was a scare tactic DESIGNED to convince national leaders to declare states of emergency and lock down their countries? Trump never even questioned the source or the numbers.2. Did Trump stop the Fauci train in its tracks when his base screamed “Fire Fauci”? Did he expose Fauci as the predatory criminal that he is? Don’t say, “but our Messiah’s hands were tied”. Like religious fanatics, Trump supporters continually make excuses for him. “Well, he couldn’t go up against the medical people and reject the lockdowns…”3. Isn’t the job of a Messiah leader to stand firm when the going gets tough, take the blows, strike back and show courage?4. Trump issued a US state of emergency and has always praised the Covid vaccine. Was he a misled Messiah when he vowed to use the military to inject millions of Americans with the Pfizer warp-speed vaccine that he called his “miracle”? Don’t say, “maybe he didn’t know COVID-19 is fake or that the RNA vaccine changes our DNA and sterilizes recipients.” Is Trump an uninformed Presidential idiot?5. Was Trump the Messiah being honest when he refused to reveal that COVID was nothing more than a severe season of flu-like illness with over 99% of the population recovering from it? When he was hospitalized, what was he treated for? It is a well known fact that the Covid-19 virus has never been isolated and identified.6. Was Trump a Savior when he presided over the massive hit to the national economy which is the cornerstone of “make America great again”? Was he powerless when he passed the blame on to state Governors and allowed them to devise their own “virus-containment” policies? Didn’t he know that most of the Governors are corrupt?7. When Trump the Messiah looks up on a sunny day and sees the blue sky scarred with criss-crossing white streaks (chemtrails) that turn the sky into clouds of toxic heavy metals (aluminum, barium, and strontium), does he just ignore it? Not question it?8. Has Trump ever spoken directly to the American people, admitting the massive economic devastation since the fake pandemic was declared? Instead, he quotes the stock market highs knowing the highs represents the wealth of the wealthy who are making a killing from the scamdemic.9. Is the Messiah just “acting” when he says, “This is great and that’s great and everything’s great?” The truth is Trump is serving the cool-aid and asking us to drink it as the forces of evil jack up new case numbers, impose more lockdowns. The 24/7 media advertise the vaccine like a ‘passport to freedom’ until people die from it a year later when a new lab engineered plandemic hits our planet along with lockdowns.10. The ten year war from 2020 to Agenda 2030 has just begun. The US and the rest of the world have been invaded and the political enemy lives within their own borders destroying millions of businesses, bank accounts and people’s lives. If you still think Trump is the Messiah, give your head a shake! Like the rest of the sell-out leaders, he serves the Davos demon – Klaus Schwab.WATCH FOR OUR NEXT ARTICLE: “The Davos Demon – Klaus Schwab”
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Comment: Evidently the ZIONIST crime syndicate has Trump by the balls and they have been squeezing hard as Trump is now capitulating in a HUGE way. They have videos and dirt on everyone especially A listers and Presidents. Should be no surprise that ALL at the top do what Cabal ORDERS.

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